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Escape the winter crowds and seek out one of nature’s most fabulous show, the Aurora Borealis, at Torassieppi, in breath-taking Finnish Lapland. There is very little light pollution in the wilderness region and Aurora displays can rival those of winter, particularly if you are lucky enough to witness the dancing colours reflect off the unfrozen Lake Torasjarvi. In addition, two particular autumnal highlights are the opportunity to hike with a reindeer and a Lapland foodie foraging experience.

What's included?


  • Flights: return flights from London Heathrow to Kittilä (via Helsinki). Flight routes are subject to change
  • Transfers: return transfers from Kittilä Airport
  • Accommodation: 3 nights in a winter cottage room (winter cottage upgrades available on request)
  • Meals: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners
  • The following activities are included in the holiday: Aurora campfire, Aurora hunt by minibus, Reindeer hike and Lapland foodie experience (the order of activities is subject to change)
  • Fully qualified guides and instructors during activities

Torassieppi Reindeer Farm enjoys an idyllic setting close to the borders of Pallas Ylläs National Park in the north-west corner of Finnish Lapland. Autumn here is a time of change. The landscapes transform into vibrant colour, wildlife becomes more active as it prepares for the long winter, and the nights draw longer following 24 hours of daylight during the summer. This combination makes for the perfect Aurora hunting escape, as not only can you potentially witness captivating displays, but you can also enjoy ‘Ruska’, which is a local word used to describe the changing colours of the leaves which takes place for around two-three weeks each year (timing varies, depending on the weather).

A Northern Lights display in autumn can rival those of winter, particularly given the location of the accommodation at the edge of Lake Torasjarvi. You can potentially get two displays for the price of one here, as the dancing lights flicker off the unfrozen lake. Torassieppi is at the heart of the Aurora Zone and the lack of light pollution due to the surrounding wilderness makes for prime Aurora viewing conditions.

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An Aurora camp is a fantastic introduction to the scientific elements behind the Northern Lights and this is the first of your dedicated activities. An informative workshop will be followed by a campfire, where you will cook pancakes at the edge of the lake, awaiting a potential Northern Lights display. On your final night, a minibus tour allows you to venture further out into the wilderness surrounding Torassieppi, out running any potential cloud cover and using the local knowledge of an experienced guide to assess the conditions and determine the most suitable route for your hunt.

To enhance your chances of spotting the Northern Lights, you may wish to choose to spend an unforgettable night in an Aurora Dome, situated on the banks of the lake. The insulated domes contain a large Perspex north facing window, which provides their inhabitants with the best possible views of the night sky. Imagine the sudden appearance of ethereal colours from the comfort of your accommodation.

The dramatic changes of the Finnish ‘Ruska’ season are reflected in the forest and the growth of seasonal produce. A Lapland foodie experience will allow you the opportunity to forage for berries and mushrooms, which you will help to prepare with an experienced chef over a campfire.

You will also encounter reindeer, which are synonymous in Lapland. Enjoy a leisurely hike with these magnificent animals amidst the colourful autumn terrain and learn about the importance of the animals to the indigenous Sami people. This activity is a particular highlight and is unique to the Torassieppi Reindeer Farm.

To conclude, this autumn holiday to Torassieppi offers a peaceful escape, away from the winter crowds. It is specifically designed for seeking out the Aurora but we have also made sure to include some fascinating activities which will introduce you to the cultural aspect of Lapland and the vibrant changes of the autumn season.

Image credits: Antti Pietikainen, Jeremy Janin and visit finland
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Key facts

Duration:3 nights
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  • After arriving into Kittilä Airport you will be transferred to Torassieppi Reindeer Farm in north-west Finland. Your accommodation lies on the edge of Lake Torasjarvi and offers a breathtaking outlook towards the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, which is the third largest national park in the country.

    This is a charming retreat during the Finnish ‘Ruska’ and has a particularly rustic restaurant with a cosy log fire from which to enjoy your evening meal.

    Torassieppi has very little artificial light and is ideal for Aurora hunting, however, an Aurora hunt by minibus allows you to venture further out into the wilderness and potentially outrun any cloud cover. Your guide will assess the conditions using their local knowledge, and decide where the best spots are likely to be before you travel by bus in search of the ‘green lady’.

    A large part of the excitement during this two-hour hunt is the overwhelming feeling of anticipation and you will find that you are constantly scanning the skies for glimmers of light. It’s amazing if they do appear. That first flicker of green, which suddenly becomes more pronounced, will have you wondering whether the lights have appeared or whether it is a trick of the imagination, but when the dance begins there is no mistaking a captivating show.

  • After your first night in Lapland, you will undoubtedly awaken with an eagerness to explore your new surroundings. An unusual and rewarding way in which to do this is hiking with reindeer, which are synonymous with the Arctic.

    Reindeer herding is an age-old tradition and integral to indigenous culture. The Sámi people of Lapland have been farming reindeer for generations and, following breakfast, you will join a local guide on a leisurely hike into the forest with the reindeer in tow. The hike will take approximately four hours and during this time you will gain local insight into the herding culture. This is an activity which is unique to Torassieppi and there are not many people who can say that they went hiking with a reindeer in the heart of Lapland. A coffee break will be enjoyed along the way.

    Following the hike, you will return to the hotel with the remainder of the afternoon to enjoy at your leisure. The two lakeside saunas are a fantastic way in which to unwind whilst also enjoying the tranquil nature of the autumn season. Saunas are central to Finnish culture and are a must for anyone visiting Lapland.

    You’ll enjoy dinner in the restaurant before embarking on your first dedicated Northern Lights Hunt. Your activity will begin with an informative workshop which will give you an insight into the science behind this natural phenomenon. You will then make for the camp, which is ideally located away from any artificial light, on the edge of the lake. Your local guide will make a fire and you can simply sit beneath the starry night sky savouring the silence and await a potential show. The lakeside location of the camp is a particular highlight. It may be possible to witness two Aurora displays for the price of one as the lights reflect off the dark waters.

  • A particular highlight of the Finnish ‘Ruska’ is the constant change. The dark nights grow steadily longer and the summer colours transform into autumn shades. An array of seasonal berries and mushrooms grow in the nearby forest and these make the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal.

    Following breakfast, you will venture into the woods and forage for these seasonal delights as you experience the best Lappish produce during an enticing foodie foraging experience. The activity will take approximately four hours and the first part is all about gathering the ingredients. The lake is teeming with fish and should you wish, you can make use of the fishing equipment and attempt to catch the main course, but don’t worry, the restaurant will be on hand to provide fresh fish or meat if required.

    You will then assist your guide with the preparation of the meal over an open fire, before sampling the fruits of your labour. The dish is likely to taste exceptional, given that you foraged for the ingredients and helped prepare them yourself.

    During the evening, you will enjoy dinner at the restaurant.  You may then want to venture outside and seek out the Aurora for a final time or simply relax at the cosy hotel.  


  • Following breakfast, admire the breath-taking surroundings and take any last-minute photographs before being transferred to Kittilä Airport. You will hopefully be leaving Torassieppi with some unforgettable memories.

    If you would like to break your journey in Helsinki on the way home then please let us know as we can arrange a tailored city break for you. See ‘Personalise’ section of the holiday page for details.

Included in price

Torassieppi Reindeer Farm (Autumn)

Nights: 1-3

Located on the edge of Lake Torasjarvi,  and bordering the Pallas Ylläs National Park, Torassieppi Reindeer Farm is situated in one of the most picturesque wilderness areas in Finland.

The farm building dates back to 1847 making it one of the oldest in the area.  Today it has been lovingly renovated and accommodation has been added nearby so that guests can stay in this spectacular spot.

Torassieppi Reindeer Farm was listed by National Geographic Travel as one of the places to visit in 2017.

Hotel facilities

  • Torassieppi has a central restaurant and reception building which is a short walk from the rooms and winter cottages.  A roaring fire accompanies the evening meals which include as much local produce as possible. Typically they are served in a buffet format and include traditional Finnish ingredients such as reindeer (of course dietary requirements are also catered for).
  • There is no bar but alcohol can be purchased from the restaurant so it can be enjoyed with your evening meal.
  • The reception building also has a small gift shop area which sells a variety of local crafts, including reindeer hides and traditional carved Kuksa cups.
  • There are two lakeside saunas at Torassieppi which are both heated in the evenings for guests to use. Separate facilities are provided for both men and women.
  • There is free Wi-Fi in the main restaurant building.
  •  You may also choose to add a night of Arctic glamping in one of the famous Aurora Domes, which are only a short walk away from the main building and available all year round. Please see our personalise section for further details.
  • A perfect spot to search for the Aurora, there are also a few wooden benches on the edge of the frozen lake, which are ideal for enjoying the expansive wilderness and hopefully a Northern Lights display or two.

Room types

DOUBLE/TWIN ROOMS: Torassieppi has only eight rooms which are located a short walk from the main building. There are two rooms to each small cabin building. Each room is completely independent with their own en-suite bathroom and entrance but some rooms can be interconnecting at the guest's request. The rooms can be made up as either twin or double bedded rooms and are really cosy with all the facilities you will need to enjoy your stay including tea and coffee making facilities and hairdryers.

 Image credit: Antti Pietikainen, Harriniva Hotel and Safaris


Other options

Torassieppi Winter Cottages

Supplements from: £88pp

Torassieppi offers 8 detached winter cottages to which you can upgrade. The cottages are ideal for those who want more space or for larger groups of people. Located close to the main restaurant, they are only a short walk away through the snow-laden trees and close to the frozen lake beyond.

The smaller cottages contain a fireplace, living room area, toilet, shower, hairdryer and kitchenette. There are two bedrooms, one with twin beds and another with three beds (including a set of bunk beds). These can accommodate two to five people, we feel they are ideal for 3 or 4 adults.

Torassieppi also has some larger cottages and these have their own sauna in addition to the fireplaces. The larger cottages offer a living room area, toilet, shower, hairdryer and kitchenette with a kettle. They have two bedrooms which have twin beds and a sleeping alcove with bunk beds. Whilst they can sleep up to 6 people, we feel that they are most suited to 4 or 5 adults.

Please contact our Travel Experts for a quotation if you would like to upgrade to a winter cottage.

Special Nights

Stay in an Aurora Dome

Torassieppi and Jeris' exceptional Aurora Domes offer a special overnight experience for guests. The cosy, simple domes allow for star-gazing and hopefully Northern Lights-gazing, due to their large glass wall. Enjoying the views whilst staying comfortable and warm inside is an experience like no other.

The domes are equipped with a wood-burning stove, a double bed and electric heater. Although these features will keep the dome warm, we do recommend keeping additional layers to hand, in case you find yourself in need of extra warmth should the fire burn out. The toilet, shower and sauna facilities are located a short walk away (50-100m).

On your chosen Aurora Dome night, you will enjoy dinner at the hotel before being transferred to your dome.  Any required transfers are included, as well as breakfast the following morning. Please note, clients may be allocated to either destination on arrival.

Please note: the price shown is based on your spending the first or final night of your stay in a dome and therefore not requiring a hotel room or cottage. Should you wish to spend an alternative night glamping then additional supplements will apply. Please contact one of our team for a quote.

Image credit: Antti Pietikäinen

Personalise this tour

Our pick

Stay in an Aurora Dome

Torassieppi and Jeris' exceptional Aurora Domes offer a special overnight experience for guests. The cosy, simple domes allow for star-gazing and hopefully Northern Lights-gazing, due to their large glass wall. Enjoying the views whilst staying comfortable and warm inside is an experience like no other.

The domes are equipped with a wood-burning stove, a double bed and electric heater. Although these features will keep the dome warm, we do recommend keeping additional layers to hand, in case you find yourself in need of extra warmth should the fire burn out. The toilet, shower and sauna facilities are located a short walk away (50-100m).

On your chosen Aurora Dome night, you will enjoy dinner at the hotel before being transferred to your dome.  Any required transfers are included, as well as breakfast the following morning. Please note, clients may be allocated to either destination on arrival.

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Please note: the price shown is based on your spending the first or final night of your stay in a dome and therefore not requiring a hotel room or cottage. Should you wish to spend an alternative night glamping then additional supplements will apply. Please contact one of our team for a quote.

Image credit: Antti Pietikäinen

Other options

Trip Extensions

Helsinki city break

With our destinations being so remote, the majority of flights to Finnish Lapland are operated by Finnair and therefore involve connecting through Helsinki Airport. Many of our guests choose to extend this stop and spend some time in the Finnish capital, either at the start or end of their holiday.

Read more about this activity

We can arrange a wide variety of city centre hotel accommodation for guests to choose from and some options closer to the airport should you prefer. We know that everyone tends to be looking for something different so please contact our Travel Experts for their opinion on the hotels which may best suit you and your party.

Located on the peninsula of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki enjoys a charming coastal location and has much to offer its guests. This thriving city has a rich culture and arts scene with many museums and galleries to enjoy alongside the exciting gastronomy.

Despite its cool urbanism and a reputation for cutting-edge design, Helsinki also retains its charm and visitors will enjoy this city's very friendly atmosphere.

In the city itself, Senate Square is the main feature, showcasing neoclassical architecture and offering easy access to the surrounding shops. With Helsinki once part of the Duchy of Russia, it offers similar striking architecture, with wide streets and bold facades. For those looking for more of an insight into the city's past, we would suggest visiting the Ateneum Art Museum which houses over 20,000 pieces of art or the Helsinki Design Museum which showcases the history of design in the country from traditional folklore to postmodernism.

A 15-minute ferry ride from the main city is the UNESCO-listed Suomenlinna Sea Fortress which was constructed in 1748. As well as being a unique monument, it is also a lovely day trip, as the island has numerous shops and parks to explore.

Helsinki's food scene has seen a recent evolution, with a growth in street food which showcases the city's multicultural population. Helsinki is famed also for its specialist dishes of seafood and Russian cuisine so there is much to sample!

Finland is famed for its coffee consumption so you can be sure of a thriving café culture here. Be sure to include an obligatory stop for a coffee and a cinnamon roll during your explorations!

Whether you add your city break onto the start or the end of your holiday, spending a night or two in Helsinki is not something that you will regret.

Please contact our Travel Experts for a full quotation. All city breaks are subject to flight availability. 

Image credit: Visit Helsinki & Jussi Hellston

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If your selected date has not yet reached minimum numbers you will be informed at the time of booking. In the unlikely event that your chosen date has not reached the required minimum numbers nine weeks before your scheduled departure date, we will contact you and discuss the various options available to you. We will always do all we can to operate a holiday and in some cases, we may be able to operate the holiday by combining your itinerary with that of other guests for some activities (this may mean that the maximum group size is increased but this will be discussed in full with you).

If we are unable to operate the holiday then you will be offered the chance to transfer to an alternative holiday or date (subject to availability). If the alternative is more expensive you will be asked to pay the difference, if it is cheaper then you will be reimbursed. You will also be offered the option to cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid.

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Reduced Mobility

If you have a reduced level of mobility, then please contact our travel experts to discuss the suitability of this holiday in relation to your requirements.

Experience and fitness

We offer a vast choice of holidays which range from 'relaxed' to 'active' so there really is something for everyone and our holidays can be filtered by how active they are. Regardless of the chosen holiday, all activities will include tuition from a beginner's level and no prior experience is assumed.

If you are unsure about the physical demands of a particular holiday please contact us and our expert team will be happy to help.
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Guides and safety

It is absolutely essential when partaking in any activity that you listen very closely to, and abide by, the instructions provided.

If there is anything that you are unsure of during a safety briefing or that you would like to clarify with the guides please make this clear to them immediately before starting the activity.

Our guides' word on activities is always final and your safety is their principal concern at all times, please respect their decisions. By following their instructions, your safety and enjoyment during each activity will be greatly enhanced.

See our booking conditions for further information.

Booking activities locally

In almost all of our destinations, you can book and pay for additional activities locally. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss that occurs through any activities that are booked in your destination (see our terms and conditions for further details).

Please always ensure that your safety is your primary concern when arranging any such activity.

Car Hire

If your trip includes car hire the named driver must have a credit card registered in their name which they can present when they collect their car along with their driving licence, as a deposit will be held on the credit card.  Please see your trip dossier for full details.

Travelling in the Autumn requires a degree of flexibility. This period is a time of change in the far North and the arrival of the first snowfall can be very unpredictable. 

Autumn activities: The daytime activities included in this holiday may be amended to accommodate the arrival of winter's first snows (an unpredictable science!). Walks may become snowshoe treks and guests may need to be flexible in their approach. This is unlikely to be the case in September but changes become more likely in October and November. Your Aurora hunting activities should be unaffected.

If cold weather clothing is required and will make your stay more comfortable then this will be included and issued to you upon arrival. If you would like to borrow any additional equipment then please just speak to one of the local guides. For more information please see the trip dossier.

Minimum age

The minimum age for participation in our itinerary is 12 years old, however, for some activities and transfers, you may be joined by other guests and this may include some of a younger age than stated. Any younger participants will be fully supervised and the guides will ensure that their participation takes place only if the activities will be unaffected.

Very few hotels have a minimum age and there may be families staying at them with younger children, especially during the holiday periods. We do have some itineraries and destinations which are guaranteed to be adult-only, so if this is important to you please speak to one of our Travel Experts.

To drive a snowmobile, you must have a full driving licence and be over 18 years old.

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