Fishing in the winter months

Ice fishing is a tradition which dates back centuries. Essentially it is the practice of fishing of drilling through a thick layer of ice and snow to reach the water below and the fish that may be lurking.

Its history is rooted in survival, when ice fishing was essential for sourcing food in such remote locations.

Whilst modern ice fishermen use sonar and powered drills, the popular pastime which is enjoyed by so many locals remains relatively unchanged and wonderfully simple. It is this experience that many of our holidays allow you to enjoy.

When ice fishing, you not only get an insight into some of the traditions of the region’s past but you can also enjoy the delights of your natural surroundings, as you spend time in a wild winter landscape.

This back-to-nature experience is a wonderfully peaceful addition to your winter holiday, whether you have been fishing before or this is your very first time!

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The catch

There is a wide variety of fish which can be caught across the Arctic and our experienced guides know all of the best spots, as well as the best time of day, to increase your chances of catching a fish.

The perch is the national fish of Finland and is commonly caught when ice fishing particularly in clear and deep water. Pike can be a prized catch, particularly as they can grow to such a large size, and are therefore often sought as part of local competitions, as well as for food.

Whitefish are also a regularly caught fish and are usually found in lakes in coastal areas, with arctic char typically found in mountainous regions.

You will see whitefish and arctic char appear on many menus in our destinations and they make for exceptionally good eating!

The activity

Typically your guide will help you drill a hole in the ice with the hand drill, then you will simply drop a baited line in and wait for a nibble. If your patience is rewarded then you will feel a huge sense of excitement and accomplishment!

The other part of ice fishing which makes it a popular excursion with visitors to this region is that you experience nature in a delightful way. Sitting by the edge of your ice hole is quiet and relaxing, as well as providing the opportunity to gaze across the scenic landscape that surrounds you in such a pristine fashion.

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