Aurora innovation

Gaze up at the dark Arctic sky, and hopefully the Northern Lights, from the warm comfort of an Aurora Cabin and Aurora Kota.

These innovative Northern Lights accommodation options are similar in design, however, an Aurora Cabin is slightly larger than an Aurora Kota. A ‘Kota’ is a traditional tent of the Sámi – Finland’s indigenous people, who have herded their reindeer through its lands since time immemorial. The roof shape of the Aurora Kotas and Aurora Cabins pays tribute to this heritage, while their main structure reflects the architecture of a modern cabin.

A section of glass extends over the sleeping area, providing you with a superb view of the shimmering Nordic sky – allowing you to watch the Northern Lights from the comfort of your bed. Upgrade to stay in one of these during your holiday and you will spend a night in style; with nature’s very own atmospheric show unfolding before your eyes. Alternatively, you can opt to spend every night in one of these incredible structures – scroll to learn more.

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Aurora Cabins

Extend your hunt for the Northern Lights far beyond the dedicated activities with a stay in an Aurora Cabin – available in many of our destinations.

After immersing yourself in the enchanting wilderness that surrounds Muotka, the stylish warmth of an Aurora Cabin is the perfect way to bring the day to a close. Prepare yourself to watch the Northern Lights at total ease: the spacious Aurora Cabins of Muotka come with a cosy double bed, an ensuite shower room and private sauna.

In Inari, these amazing structures come equipped with a heated glass roof so you won’t have to take your eyes off the Arctic sky. Relax in bed or on the sofa in the Aurora Cabins situated just a short walk from the main building. The cabins come with twin beds (which can be pushed together), a sofa or armchairs in the small living area and an ensuite shower room. You will also have coffee and tea making facilities and some cabins can accommodate an extra person on a sofa bed.

Close to Lapland’s capital but far away from the city lights of Rovaniemi sits Apukka and their cosy Aurora Cabins. After a day in the snow, you will be able to relax in your own private cabin whilst on the lookout for the Northern Lights. Each cabin comes equipped with a double bed, convertible sofa and private ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet. If you are looking for an extra bit of luxury, you could choose to stay in the special Aurora 360 cabins. Spread over two floors, it is the top tier that is of particular interest as your bed is situated directly under a 360o view of the Arctic sky. You can enjoy both Aurora accommodation and the chance to get up close to a herd of reindeer when staying in the idyllic Aurora Cabins at Vasara Reindeer Ranch in the heart of Sámiland.

More than a night at The Northern Lights Village

Many of our clients choose to add an Aurora accommodation as an extra special night during their Northern Lights holiday but for some, one night just isn’t enough. That’s why we also offer some destinations which provide this memorable experience for the duration of your stay.

The Northern Lights Villages in Saariselka and Levi are dedicated to glass-roofed Aurora Cabin accommodation – all ideally facing north so your bed is always in prime position to gaze at the sky and hopefully, the Northern Lights.

You will find both tucked away in the Finnish wilderness with Saariselka just 1km from the small ski resort and Levi is situated 16km from the town centre.

Aurora Kotas at Nellim

Those looking for a more ‘back to basics’ Northern Lights Kota experience, should definitely consider the Aurora Kotas at Nellim. They offer a 18m2 space with a pleasantly decorated interior, a double bed and space for an extra single.

In keeping with their outdoor feel and location, the Aurora Kotas have been designed with the external surroundings in mind. Soft lighting fills the inside without interfering with the natural Aurora lighting outside.

While running water is not available in the Kotas, each contains an inventive ‘eco-toilet’ for sustainable waste removal and a small sink. As a result, Nellim’s Aurora Kotas are not only pioneering but are also an environmentally-friendly place to stay.

At Nellim there are also two Aurora Cabins which do have a shower and are slightly larger at approximately 29m2.

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