A room with a view

The Aurora Bubbles are the creation of Jouko and Mari Lappalainen who run two of our popular destinations, Nellim Wilderness Hotel and Muotka Wilderness Lodge.

Essentially they consist of wooden bases topped with a magnificent perspex dome, through which, you can enjoy an incredible view of the arctic sky and, of course, any potential Auroras that may appear above you.

The bubbles are located in areas free from light pollution and so any view of the Aurora is unhindered. If the Lights do shine above you then it is possible to witness them from the comfort of the beds.

Though we cannot guarantee a sighting of the Northern Lights, we can promise an unforgettable night in a unique room and one of the cosiest ways to keep an eye on the night sky for a potential display!

We recommend either starting your holiday in style by spending your first night in an Aurora Bubble or finishing your trip in spectacular fashion with your final night spent sleeping under the stars.

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The vision

These brilliant bubbles began life as inflatable pods with clear roofs that could be put up in a remote location for guests to sleep in. However, for Jouko, these simply did not offer enough warmth and luxury for guests so he went back to the drawing board to create something that extra bit special.

He constructed more permanent structures of wood and perspex that would be situated not far from the hotel or lodge and offer a warm and cosy night’s sleep in addition to an ideal view of the night sky. They are located far enough away from each hotel that guests can enjoy a private retreat, yet close enough so that the amenities of the hotel are within easy reach.

There are other locations which offer similar experiences, but the Aurora Bubbles at Nellim offer the ideal combination of unique design, cosy interior and an ideal location in the Finnish wilds.

A wonderful place to sleep!

Each Aurora Bubble consists of a small porch in which to place coats and outdoor clothing (ensuring it’s within quick grabbing distance should you wish to exit the bubble quickly to look directly at any Aurora that may appear!) as well as the main bedroom area and a discrete compostable toilet. The room is furnished in typical Nordic style with wooden cladding and Finnish soft furnishings. As well as electric heating, each bubble also has electric sockets.

Whilst the Aurora Bubbles do not have running water, you will still retain your hotel room for the evening so will have access to shower facilities.

Bubbles are typically booked by our guests for one night during their stay. Should you wish to enjoy this wonderful upgrade, you will have access to your bubble usually from around dinner time.

As your evenings are usually filled with Aurora hunting activities you will probably not head to your bubble until quite late in the evening but, should you be unlucky in your Aurora pursuits, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have the whole night to search the skies for a display from the warmth of your duvet.

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