Dedicated Aurora accommodation

We’re thrilled to introduce the innovative design in Aurora accommodation from the Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland; the Aurora 360 Cabin.

You’ll be nice and cosy inside the wonderful two-tiered cabin. It comes equipped with electric fireplace and a panoramic glass roof right above your bed for 360o views of the Arctic sky.

Sleeping under a starry sky is enticing enough but with the prospect of seeing the Northern Lights dance above you as you lay in bed, this experience becomes unmissable.

This exclusive accommodation is only available at the Apukka Resort and is a wonderful addition to your Northern Lights holiday. Whether you are looking for a relaxing retreat in the wilderness or you want to take on some adventurous Arctic activities, we offer many different trips to Apukka.

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Aurora Zone

A resort of innovative designs

The Aurora 360 Cabin is the Apukka Resort’s very own design and is an innovative take on the Aurora accommodation we have seen across the Aurora Zone.

The Cabin features two-tiers which gives you more privacy and a higher vantage point. Enjoy the 360views from the second floor, where your bed is conveniently situated under the glass roof, giving you a completely immersive experience into the Arctic wilderness.

Of course, you won’t miss the views on the bottom floor either. The downstairs lounge area with convertible sofa comes equipped with large windows that can easily be covered or uncovered.

The Apukka Resort are no strangers to special Aurora hunting experiences. The hotel also offers their incredible Snow Train activities for a warm and cosy way to hunt for the Northern Lights.


Aurora experience

Though conveniently situated just a short drive from the city of Rovaniemi, the Apukka Resort’s wilderness setting takes you out of the bustle and away from light pollution. This makes it an ideal location for spotting the Northern Lights, whether you want to get out into the snowy landscape for an adventurous hunt or simply lie back on your bed and look up at the night sky.

The wintery landscape also opens up a plethora of activities during the day too. Explore the surroundings via dog sled, snowmobile and much more before retiring to your Aurora 360 Cabin for the evening.


Image credit: Apukka Resort