The brightest way to see the Northern Lights

The Aurora Zone is the UK’s only tour operator solely dedicated to sharing Mother Nature’s greatest wonder, through our Northern Lights holidays.

Nobody can ever guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights but if they are top of your bucket list, then you’re giving yourself the very best chance by starting right here.

We’re not distracted by holidays in other parts of the world because our focus is purely and simply on the Aurora Zone. We research it, we visit it (regularly), and, most of all, we absolutely love the Northern Lights and want you to share our experience of nature’s ultimate spectacle.

There is so much to see and do in the Aurora Zone with so many exceptional experiences to have. We offer a range of holidays to suit everyone and cater for those who are looking for a leisurely break, to those who want a truly active adventure in the Arctic.

Let us help you

For your best chance to see the Northern Lights, contact the UK’s only Aurora specialists

Aurora Zone

The Aurora Zone difference

Using our unique formula for Aurora hunting, every single Northern Lights holiday we provide has been scientifically designed to give you the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights. We choose our destinations based on their auroral records and lack of light pollution and we select local guides and experts based on their years of experience. Find out more about the Northern Lights here.

We include more – no hidden costs

Before booking any Northern Lights holiday we strongly recommend that you carefully consider what is included in the price. We never use ‘headline’ or ‘lead-in’ prices like so many operators, as we prefer to include as much as we can, rather than see our clients incur considerable additional costs in our destinations.

On each of our holiday pages, you will see the clear outline of exactly what is included in your holiday. Unless you are taking part in one of our most leisurely options, then this will typically include incredible experiences such as dog sledding and snowmobiling along with the Northern Lights activities – these will be the real deal and not just fifteen minute taster activities. We want you to enjoy all that the Aurora Zone has to offer during the day and night.

The majority of our trips will also typically include important extras such as transfers, some meals and the essential cold weather clothing. We don’t want you to have to go out and buy lots of expensive equipment that you will likely not use again, so we include all-important items such as snowsuits and snowboots for you to use throughout the activities.

Our Northern Lights holiday destinations

The Aurora Zone is aptly named for its Northern Lights potential and sits in Northern Scandinavia, in a band that stretches between 66°N and 69°N.

This Auroral band covers many countries including FinlandSwedenNorway and Iceland, which gives you plenty of options for your Northern Lights holiday.

Whether you want to travel to the remote corners of Finnish Lapland, overlook the frozen Bothnian Bay in Sweden, explore the vibrant city of Tromsø in Norway or experience the natural wonders in Iceland, we have the holiday to suit you.

Talk to our Aurora Travel Experts today on 01670 785012 to learn more.

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