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The benefits

Practically speaking, the immediate and far reaching impact of the introduction of the snowmobile has been a huge and lasting improvement on the communication between isolated and remote communities.

Faster than huskies and reindeer and more cost effective to maintain, the snowmobile became the transport of choice in regions where road access was non-existent in the winter. Their use means that communities are far less isolated during the long winter months.

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The introduction of the snowmobile also greatly benefitted the semi-nomadic reindeer herders in the region. Previously herding migrating reindeer could take months, as the Sámi people followed them on foot, sled or cross-country skis. With snowmobiles, this time is drastically reduced and the herder’s work can be done with much greater efficiency.

Although some may think that they have a negative environmental impact on the region, the trails are very well managed and vast swathes of the countryside remain entirely snowmobile free. They are also far less polluting than the off road vehicles which would be employed in their absence.

Snowmobiling has also had a long-lasting impact on the economy of the region too – bringing employment and a manufacturing and repair industry. Importantly, as the popularity of snowmobiling grows, so too does the focus on making them more environmentally friendly.

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The activity

Of course, alongside their practical purpose, snowmobiles offer a wonderfully fun and exciting way to view and explore the remarkable landscape. Our holidays feature a varied range of snowmobile excursions of multiple durations and distances to choose, so whether you want to spend the day on your snowmobile or just enjoy a brief taster, we are sure to have something you can enjoy.

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As well as our daytime experiences we also use snowmobiles in order to aid guests when searching for the Northern Lights. Travelling at night allows you to witness the remarkable shapes and sights of this winter landscape in a whole new light.

The regions in which our trips are situated have an unending array of trails to explore – snow-topped forest trails, peaked fells, mountainous backdrops or vast frozen lakes await you and your snowmobile. The joy of snowmobiling is not only that you get to travel swiftly across a stunning landscape, but also that you really make the most of this winter scenery.

Safety is of course at the heart of all we do. To drive a snowmobile you must be over 18 and have a full driving licence. You will be given a safety briefing and full instructions before you set off and you must respect the rules and the speed at which they can travel. You will be provided with a full safety and snowmobile letter at the time of booking. 

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The Aurora Zone was born out of our love of all things wintery. We were already regular visitors to the likes of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland thanks to a fascination with winter activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling and the Scandinavian way of life. Many of our visits coincided with sightings of the Northern Lights and The Aurora Zone was born from a desire to share Mother Nature’s greatest wonder with as many people as possible. We have all been held in the Aurora’s thrall and our mission is to do our very best to ensure that our clients can experience that magical moment on their Northern Lights holiday.

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