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Quick guide for your Northern Lights Holiday

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Where to go to see the Northern Lights

Though there is no one best destination to witness an Aurora display, there is an area where they appear most frequently which is called the Aurora Zone. The Aurora Zone is situated in a latitude of approximately 66°N - 69°N and covers Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. However, in order to maximise your chances, you need to escape artificial lights to find the dark starry skies.

Some of our trips include stays in bustling cities such as Reykjavik and Tromsø whereas others are in some of the most remote locations in the Arctic, but all of our dedicated Northern Lights activities take you out of the light pollution and into the best areas of the destination in order to maximise your Aurora chances.




When to travel

The Aurora Borealis can occur at any time throughout the year but they only become visible once the summer’s Midnight Sun fades and the dark skies return once more to the Arctic. 

From late August until April, the Aurora’s hypnotic dance can be seen by the naked eye. That means that you have all of autumn, winter and spring to choose from for your Northern Lights holiday. Whether you prefer the milder temperatures and colourful landscape of autumn, want the full wonderland experience in winter or still want the snow-based activities but in slightly warmer temperatures in spring, you have plenty of choice of when to travel for your Northern Lights holiday. 


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How to hunt for the Northern Lights

In such remote areas, an expert local guide is imperative in helping you hunt for the Northern Lights. Not only do they have exceptional experience in the Arctic activities such as snowmobiling and snowshoeing but they also have unparalleled knowledge of the area in which they work. That means they can take you to the best vantage points and wilderness settings, whilst telling you all about the wonderful landscape. 


Making the most of the daylight hours

Though the Northern Lights may be your sole focus, the daytime hours in the Arctic can be just as memorable. 

Experience the best of the winter wonderland as you travel out into the wilderness in an array of styles. Snowmobile across powdery trails, mush your loyal dog sledding team along the Arctic landscape and jump into a reindeer-pulled sleigh for the ultimate Lappish experience.

Of course, there are more relaxing activities if you want some downtime before your Aurora hunts. Take to the trails via cross-country skis or snowshoes for a slower pace, or unwind as the locals do in a traditional sauna.


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Choose the accommodation to suit you

A once-in-a-lifetime Northern Lights holiday deserves some spectacular accommodation. Choose from log cabins, wilderness lodges, remote hotels and even accommodation made completely of ice and snow! 

For the Aurora enthusiasts, there are many different options that give you the chance to witness the brilliant light show right from the comfort of your bed. 


Ask an expert

Expertise and knowledge are key to witnessing the Northern Lights and our Aurora Experts have over 16 years’ experience in specialist holidays. When you combine our first-hand visits, expert local guides, scientific research and feedback from you, our valued clients, the by-product is a carefully-crafted Northern Lights holiday of a lifetime. 

The Aurora Zone are quite simply your best chance for witnessing an Aurora display. Now you know a little more about what to expect from a Northern Lights holiday, get in touch today and we’ll help you choose your perfect break. Call 01670 785 012.

Image credits: Antti Pietikainen

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Get an expert opinion

The Aurora Zone was born from a desire to share Mother Nature’s greatest wonder with our clients. We’ve explored the destinations, researched the science, and fallen in love with the Scandinavian way of life. It’s our mission to pass this knowledge on to you, providing you with the very best chance of experiencing the magic for yourself on your Northern Lights holiday.

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