Northern Lights Holidays to Iceland

For an Aurora Zone experience, Iceland is quite simply unique.

As well as brilliant Northern Lights opportunities, Iceland is a country which offers an abundance of natural wonders from lava fields, to black sandy beaches, to lagoons to spectacular national parks, geysers and glaciers.

The rich history of the island is evident all around you, from the Icelandic language which remains relatively unchanged from the 12th Century to evidence of the Vikings, traders, adventurers and armies who have made this island their base.

Our Northern Lights Holidays to Iceland enable you to appreciate both the natural sites of the island as well as gain an insight into its culture and history. This is alongside the chance to spend time in the capital of Reykjavik, the flourishing capital which exudes modern architecture, cutting-edge attractions and internationally renowned restaurants, quirky shops and a neighbourly friendliness.

An Aurora Zone trip to Iceland will allow you to see this starkly beautiful country at its very best, from city, to scenery, to skies alight with Auroras.

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Locations you will enjoy on our trips include the south coast of Iceland as you visit one of the country's most well-known Hotels, Hotel Ranga. The south coast is full of some of the island's most renowned geographical wonders such as the breathtaking waterfalls of Skogafoss and Selfoss as well as the famed volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Here you can also witness the incredible glacier Myrdalsjokull in all its ice-topped glory. Here in the southern part of Iceland, given the minimal light pollution and open spaces, your opportunity for witnessing a Northern Lights display is particularly high and Hotel Ranga offers a brilliant Aurora wake up service should the lights be spotted dancing in the night sky.

Another location which you can enjoy on our Aurora Zone experiences is Reykjavik, the most northerly capital in the world. The city boasts an excellent range of fine dining restaurants known for their imaginative cuisine and fresh local ingredients. Galleries, museums and theatres also offer guests an insight into a vibrant and sophisticated artistic culture. We love Reykjavik as it is a delightful and charming city with plenty to do as well as having stunning Arctic wilderness just at the doorstep.

A trip to Iceland will also likely incorporate the chance to appreciate the island's famed Golden Circle – made up three of its most important geological and cultural sights. The first of these is the ancient Viking site of Thingvellir, a vast lava field and lake-filled National Park where the first parliament met in 930 AD. This site of national consciousness, as it is known, is also the site of the meeting point between the Eurasian and the American tectonic plates. The second part of the circle is Gulfoss, a spectacular double-drop waterfall, which is topped with snow and ice in the winter and is an astonishing site to see. The last part of the circle is Geysir, an area of hot springs, the main one of which, Strokkur, spurts boiling hot water in the air every 15 seconds or so in a dazzling display.

Iceland is a country which is sure to capture your imagination, with its vast array of natural sites and its epic potential for Northern Lights displays alongside its cosmopolitan capital and warm friendly people.

Image credit: Iceland Pro Travel and ThorirNK

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The Aurora Zone was born out of our love of all things wintery. We were already regular visitors to the likes of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland thanks to a fascination with winter activities such as dog sledding, snowmobiling and the Scandinavian way of life. Many of our visits coincided with sightings of the Northern Lights and The Aurora Zone was born from a desire to share Mother Nature’s greatest wonder with as many people as possible. We have all been held in the Aurora’s thrall and our mission is to do our very best to ensure that our clients can experience that magical moment on their Northern Lights holiday.

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