Take a walk on the wild side

Hiking features during many of our autumn Aurora Zone holidays. As an activity it allows our guests to witness the dazzling autumn colours of Lapland and enjoy the forest and fell scenery of the national parks at close quarters.

Lapland in the autumn is a stunning multitude of colours, as the leaves turn to an array of red, gold, yellow and brown whilst the sky is often blue and cloudless before the first snowfalls in October and November. There is much to see on autumn hikes and you are more than likely to come across wandering reindeer who forage the forest floor for mushrooms and berries.

Some of our hikes will also introduce you to one of the other important animals of Lapland – the husky. Despite the lack of snow, Autumn remains an important time for the dogs, who will be involved in the safaris in the winter season, as they will begin to train in the autumn months. Hiking is an important part of this training programme and you will get to help with their exercise.

Each hiking activity is in the company of expert local guides who will point out the flora and fauna along the way. The guides are extremely passionate about the nature here and you will learn all about what makes the spectacular surroundings so special.

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The National Parks of Lapland

During our autumn trip in Torassieppi, the hike will take you into wild National Park, giving guests the chance to experience some of the most spectacular wilderness in Europe.

The hike will take you into the Pallas Ylläs National Park, the third largest national park in Finland, which covers almost 1000 square kilometres. Its high fells offer excellent vantage points and views across its colourful Taiga forests and it is said to have some of the cleanest air in Europe.

You will be able to enjoy the dazzling autumnal colours of the park as you walk along its hiking trails.

Aurora hikes

As well as hikes in the daytime, there is also the opportunity to hike in the evenings in search of the Aurora. This activity is offered during many of our Autumn holidays and is a fabulous way to hopefully witness the Northern Lights.

These evening hikes allow you to experience the peaceful beauty and silence of such remote locations as well as offering the potential to see the Northern Lights.

During autumnal evening hikes at Wilderness Hotel Inari, which is situated on the banks of Lake Inari, there is a chance that you will see the shimmering Aurora reflected in the as yet unfrozen waters of the lake. This is a spectacular sight to see.