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All prices include: flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, guided activities and cold weather clothing; all as listed.

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  • Duration:7 nights
  • Pace:Active
  • Suitable for: Ages 15+. See our terms for further information.
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  • Flights: Return flights between London and Kittila (via Helsinki). Regional and non-UK departures available on request. Routings are subject to change
  • Transfers: Return airport transfers
  • Accommodation: 7 nights’ accommodation in twin/double hotel rooms. Winter cottage upgrades are available (supplements apply)
  • Meals: 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners
  • The following activities and equipment are included: Aurora photography workshop and photography lesson, 17km husky safari, Aurora campfire , reindeer farm visit and sleigh ride, visit to Winter Village, Pallas snowshoe trip, snowmobile safari, smoke sauna, eagle and wildlife watching, three nights of Aurora hunting via minibus (approximately nine hours in total), photography presentation (the order of activities is subject to change)
  • Cold weather clothing for the duration of your stay
  • Services of our expert local guide and representative
  • Aurora alert until approximately 1am
  • Photography tuition
  • Free use of cross country skis and snowshoe equipment

Capturing the Northern Lights in all of their glory is a feat that many people long to achieve. This holiday has been crafted to help guests achieve this goal whilst also enjoying the other exceptional experiences and photographic subjects available in Lapland. 

Based in the cosy accommodation at Torassieppi Reindeer Farm you will be immersed in the nature of Lapland from the very outset. This location is deep within The Aurora Zone and on the edge of the Pallas National Park.

Throughout this holiday you will be accompanied by an expert guide who knows this landscape like the back of their hand and, importantly, will tutor you in how to capture it on camera. At night your guide will use their specialist techniques and knowledge to help you seek out and photograph the magnificent Northern Lights. During the daylight hours your subjects will include local wildlife, landscapes and sculptures crafted from ice. To be honest there is very little in Lapland that can be classed as un-photogenic and your guide's knowledge will enable you to make the most of the opportunities this region presents.

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Whilst photography underpins this holiday, you will also experience a full range of Lappish activities including dog sledding and snowmobiling, whilst also gaining an understanding of this very unique natural environment and the local culture. With reindeer encounters, eagle watching and snowshoe hikes in a national park, the daytime activities during this holiday are an exceptional compliment to the dedicated Northern Lights excursions which occur in the hours of darkness.

Your guide will lead you on four evening trips which are dedicated to the pursuit of the Aurora and to capturing them on camera. These include three evening minibus hunts for the Northern Lights. The key to the success of these hunts is your guide's knowledge and expertise, as they utilise their forecasts and network of Aurora hunters, to help determine the route for the evening's quest. Minibuses allow you to outrun any potential local cloud cover and reach clear skies where displays may be visible.

These hunts may be rescheduled at quite short notice if conditions are better on certain nights or two may even be combined together to make a six hour epic Northern Lights hunt wherever your guide may take you to give you the best possible chance of accomplishing your goal. If the group is lucky enough to locate an Aurora then your guide's years of photography experience come into their own as they help you capture the best possible imagery.

This is a holiday for those who want to experience this magical landscape in an active way, whilst capturing some of its greatest experiences on camera. 

You can also choose to spend an unforgettable night in a unique Aurora Dome situated on the banks of Lake Torassieppi. The insulated domes are effectively large tent or yurt like structures which have been modified for this remote environment and with a large Perspex north facing window, provide their inhabitants with the best possible views of the Northern Lights.

Image credits: Antti Pietikainen

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  • Spend the night at Torassieppi Winter Village

    From £70pp

    Torassieppi Winter Village is a marvellous construction of ice and snow, crafted from scratch every winter. During your holiday we can arrange for you to spend the night in one of the snow rooms here and enjoy this unique accommodation.

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    You will enjoy dinner in your hotel before transferring to check into your snow room (details below).

    After your stay you will be served breakfast at Torassieppi Reindeer Farm, before continuing back to your hotel to continue your holiday. If you choose to spend the last night of your holiday at the Winter Village then you may have some time to explore the delightful surroundings before you head directly to the airport for your return flights home.

    Snow room
    Torassieppi has ten snow rooms inside large snow igloos. Beds are made of snow and ice, which are covered with a mattress and plenty of reindeer skins (both wonderful natural insulators). You will be kitted out with an Arctic grade sleeping bag so you should stay warm despite the indoor temperature of around -5°C!

    NB: Please note that as activity schedules can be subject to change we may be unable to confirm the exact night that you will spend at Torassieppi, although every effort will be made to accommodate specific requests they cannot be guaranteed. Your final itinerary including confirmation of the date of your stay at Torassieppi will be confirmed upon arrival in Finland.

Other options

  • Aurora Dome

    Aurora Dome

    From: £115pp

    This option offers guests the chance to enjoy a luxury camping experience under a beautiful Arctic sky!

    Located atop the banks of Lake Torassieppi, these domes are a wonderfully comfortable way to experience the wilderness nature of this location. Each consists of an igloo-shaped tent which is fully insulated and includes a log burning fire to keep you extra toasty.

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    The domes have a north facing transparent wall allowing you panoramic views of your surroundings and the chance to easily keep watch for a potential appearance of the Northern Lights.

    Inside they are equipped with a double/twin bed with space for two additional beds. They have been lovingly decorated with either a husky or reindeer theme so you are sure to be cosy and comfortable.

    There is a sauna building around 50 metres away which houses the toilets so they are easily accessible.

    A night in the dome can be either an inclusive night or booked as an additional night (subject to availability) - please speak to our Travel Experts for further information.

  • 3 Helsinki - Must credit

    Helsinki City break

    With our destinations being so remote, the majority of flights to Finnish Lapland are operated by Finnair and therefore involve connecting through Helsinki Airport. Many of our guests choose to extend this stop and spend some time in the Finnish capital, either at the start or end of their holiday.

    We can arrange a wide variety of city centre hotel accommodation for guests to choose from and some options closer to the airport should you prefer. We know that everyone tends to be looking for something different so please contact our travel experts for their opinion on the hotels which may best suit you and your party.

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    Located on the peninsula of the Baltic Sea, Helsinki enjoys a charming coastal location and has much to offer its guests. This thriving city has a rich culture and arts scene with many museums and galleries to enjoy alongside the exciting gastronomy.

    Despite its cool urbanism and a reputation for cutting-edge design, Helsinki also retains its charm and visitors will enjoy this city's very friendly atmosphere.

    In the city itself, Senate Square is the main feature, showcasing neoclassical architecture and offering easy access to the surrounding shops. With Helsinki once part of the duchy of Russia, it offers similar striking architecture, with wide streets and bold facades. For those looking for more of an insight into the city's past, we would suggest visiting the Ateneum Art Museum which houses over 20,000 pieces of art, or the Helsinki Design Museum which showcases the history of design in the country from traditional folklore to postmodernism.

    A 15-minute ferry ride from the main city is the UNESCO listed Suomenlinna Sea Fortress which was constructed in 1748. As well as being a unique monument, it is also a lovely day trip, as the island has numerous shops and parks to explore.

    Helsinki's food scene has seen a recent evolution, with a growth in street food which showcases the city's multicultural population. Helsinki is famed also for its specialist dishes of seafood and Russian cuisine so there is much to sample!
    Finland is famed for its coffee consumption so you can be sure of a thriving café culture here. Be sure to include an obligatory stop for a coffee and a cinnamon roll during your explorations!

    Whether you add your city break onto the start or the end of your holiday, spending a night or two in Helsinki is not something that you will regret.

    Please contact our Travel Experts for a full quotation. All city breaks are subject to flight availability. 

    Image credit: VisitFinland

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On each of our holidays you will see a clear outline of exactly what's included in the price of your holiday. We never use 'headline' or 'lead-in' prices like so many tour operators, as we prefer to include as much as we can, rather than see our clients incur considerable additional costs in our destinations.
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Most of our holidays require a minimum number of participants to operate. Minimum numbers are detailed on each holiday page and are always approximate. Group sizes for tailor made holidays will vary for each of the activities. For private departures you may also be joined by other guests during the activities unless you have discussed specific private activities with us.

If your selected date has not yet reached minimum numbers you will be informed at the time of booking. In the unlikely event that your chosen date has not reached the required minimum numbers nine weeks before your scheduled departure date we will contact you and discuss the various options available to you. We will always do all we can to operate a holiday and in some cases we may be able to operate the holiday by combining your itinerary with that of other guests for some activities (this may mean that the maximum group size is increased but this will be discussed in full with you).

If we are unable to operate the holiday then you will be offered the chance to transfer to an alternative holiday or date (subject to availability). If the alternative is more expensive you will be asked to pay the difference, if it is cheaper then you will be reimbursed. You will also be offered the option to cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid.

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Order of activities

The order of activities is always subject to change and you will be provided with your final itinerary upon arrival at your destination

Medical History and advice

If you or any member of your party is pregnant or has any medical condition or disability which may affect your holiday or has any special requirements as a result of any medical condition or disability (including any which affect the booking process), please tell us before you confirm your booking so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements and/or making the booking. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking and whenever any change in the condition or disability occurs. You must also promptly advise us if you become pregnant or any medical condition or disability which may affect your holiday develops after your booking has been confirmed.

See our booking conditions for further information.

Experience and fitness

We offer a vast choice of holidays which range from 'relaxed' to 'active' so there really is something for everyone and our holidays can be filtered by how active they are. Regardless of the chosen holiday, all activities will include tuition from a beginner's lever and no prior experience is assumed.
If you are unsure about the physical demands of a particular holiday please contact us and our expert team will be happy to help.
See our booking conditions for further information.

Guides and safety

It is absolutely essential when partaking in any activity that you listen very closely to, and abide by, the instructions provided.

If there is anything that you are unsure of during a safety briefing or that you would like to clarify with the guides please make this clear to them immediately before starting the activity.

Our guides' word on activities is always final and your safety is their principal concern at all times, please respect their decisions. By following their instructions, your safety and enjoyment during each activity will be greatly enhanced.

See our booking conditions for further information.

Booking activities locally

In almost all of our destinations you can book and pay for additional activities locally. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss that occurs through any activities that are booked in your destination (see our terms and conditions for further details).

Please always ensure that your safety is your primary concern when arranging any such activity.

Aurora alerts: During your stay you will be supplied with an Aurora alert. This is essentially a mobile phone to which the staff will send a text should the Northern Lights be sighted. The alerts generally operate until 1am but it is best to confirm with your guide as times may vary.

The alerts are designed as an aid to Aurora hunting and, although every effort will be made to issue an alert should the conditions seem conducive to a display, things can change very quickly so you should not rely solely on them and should also keep an eye on the sky yourself.

Minimum age

The minimum age for participation in our itinerary is 15 years old, however, for some activities and shared transfers, our guests may be joined by others and these may include those of a younger age. Any younger participants will be fully supervised by an adult and the guides will ensure that they are only able to participate if there will be no effect on the activity experience.

To drive a snowmobile you must have a full driving licence and be over 18 years old.


  • JUST PREFECT!!! 07 February 2016 by Tony & Cheryl Dormer

    We certainly had an amazing time “dancing with the Northern Lights”, everything went perfectly, thank you again so much. Staff were all awesome, very helpful. Absolutely nothing was ever a problem, very happy. One of the best adventure holidays we have ever had, JUST PREFECT!!! The Northern Lights were just amazing; Jarno was extremely good & just unbelievable at tracking down clear
    Read more
    skies and the magical Northern Lights. Awesome information & help on setting up the camera to get that perfect photo.
    Read less

  • Jarno, our guide and mentor for the tour was truly amazing 07 February 2016 by Roger Kent

    We enjoyed all the activities and each one was extremely enjoyable in its own right. It was just a perfectly balanced holiday. We are both in our 60's but found all the activities very doable and thought the balance between activity and cultural learning was spot on. Jarno, our guide and mentor for the tour was truly amazing. He made Bear Grylls look like an amateur! Whether it was snowmobiles,
    Read more
    snowshoes, reindeers or Aurora hunting, he guided our group with great humour and interest. We all admired and respected his knowledge.
    Read less

  • Cheers from far above the Arctic Circle 03 February 2016 by Cheryl & Tony Dormer

    Cheryl and I are having an awesome time in Finland, all is going very well.......Katrina has been amazing, she has been extremely helpful, seems nothing is a problem. I have attached some photos taken last night (Friday 5th February 2016) on our “Northern Lights Minibus Tour”, just magical. Thank you once again.....Cheers from far above the Arctic Circle.

  • This holiday has been filled with life long memories 19 March 2015 by Nicole Brown

    Spending seven nights in Torassieppi Reindeer Cabins was delightful. The staff were very helpful and welcoming to the guest. When I checked into my cabin the gentleman helped me with my luggage to my cabin. The cabins were spacious, clean, and warm. There was a huge closet with hangers and shelves to put clothes and other items in there. The entrance way had an area for your snow boots to keep the
    Read more
    floor dry, and a coat rack with hangers to hang snowsuit, coats, etc.… The floors were heated for warmth under your feet. There was an electric teakettle in the room to make hot tea or instant coffee, with sugar and creamers. There was also a big table that could seat four, while looking at the views of Torassieppi. Our guide, Jarno was very knowledgeable in telling us about the photography, Arctic weather, Aurora forecast, wildlife, and any other questions the group had. If I were ever to be stranded, I would want Jarno to be with me with his wisdom on survival skills. Since we had a small group Jarno took us to a local store to go shopping for special knives, since one of our group members collects them. The lady at the store was very welcoming and even stayed open late for us. By the end of our trip Jarno was talking and joking with us as if we had known him for years. The food was satisfying and appetizing. In the morning and lunch there was a buffet table. For dinner it was a sit down three to four course gourmet meal. We had a wide variety of meats, which included fish, beef, and reindeer. I personally enjoyed the local cuisine. The clothes that were provided for cold weather were clean, warm, and in good condition. If any one had any problems we could just go in and exchange it for another size. I was content not having to pack all my ski clothing and to use the clothing provided. I would recommend using the clothing provided during the husky and reindeer trips because your clothes will get a little dirty. Another suggestion would be to pack plenty of toe and hand warmers not just for you, but also for the camera.
    Read less

  • We want to go back again 17 March 2015 by Sheila Liddle

    We enjoyed this holiday so much that we want to go back again. We were extremely lucky and saw the Northern Lights five nights out of seven. Two nights were absolutely brilliant and we have lots of photos to show for it. The day trips were excellent, giving one an insight into how the Finnish people live and get around. I enjoyed the dog sledding, the snowmobile and the reindeer excursions. I
    Read more
    thought the chalets were excellent, they had everything one needed. The food in the restaurant was good, and if you didn't want what was offered they would provide an alternative. Our guide was excellent - a little serious to begin with until we saw our first Northern Lights and then he relaxed. He was very good, ensuring that everyone was able to get some good photographs. We look forward to the next trip!
    Read less

  • (Our guides) photography and local knowledge were fantastic 06 March 2014 by Simon Hancock

    (Our guides) photography and local knowledge were fantastic, and he managed to find us the Northern Lights in what was an otherwise cloudy week, well done :) Katrina our rep and the hotel staff were very friendly and helpful at all times.

  • The Northern Lights were one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen 25 February 2013 by Paula Tallen

    The most important thing is the people. The Finns were so kind and positive that it was a joy to be around them. Each person wanted to make sure we were having a nice time. You can tell clients not to worry about the cold weather as the clothes you bring plus the clothes they provide make you toasty. We were out in -34 degree Celcius at midnight and not worried about our toes, fingers - we were
    Read more
    fine. The point of this trip is not the food or fancy-stuff. You are active and rosy-cheeked and happy about being outside doing things. The Northern Lights were one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. So lucky = three nights out of three! Antti, the guide-photographer, made the trip perfect. He is a wonderful person, patient, knowledgeable, funny - so helpful. We had five teriffic people on our tour and with Antti guiding us, we had the time of our lives. Antti 'made' the trip. Also - I know the question asked for the Best - but................ I LOVED - l.o.v.e.d. - the dog sledding. I drove a four husky team by myself and enjoyed it enormously. Loved being with the dogs, petting them, just being around them. And - I loved meeting the reindeer. I thought I travelled alot in my life but the people I met on the tour travelled constantly and we all agreed = this was one of the single best trips we had ever taken. It is almost impossible to find the correct words to describe seeing the Northen Lights in person without a TV screen inbetween. It is spiritual and amazing and you feel connected to the earth but looking at something almost sci-fi. The admin staff in England were attentive and helpful as was the rep in Finland as was the hotel staff as were all the other people = dog people, reindeer people, ice house people, everyone was very kind. You can be proud of your team and your product. The people you meet make a trip special and all of these people were great.
    Read less

  • Simply the best holiday 18 February 2013 by Manuel Alsina

    Simply the best holiday I've ever taken - from beginning to end. I can't recommend it enough - and I look forward to returning in the future.

  • Overall package absolutley brilliant 14 February 2013 by Rae Herries

    The overall package was absolutely brilliant. The sightings of the Northern Lights were jaw-dropping, and we couldn't have achieved the fantastic photographs we have without the expert guidance from Antti who was superb. His knowledge and patience and skill were great. We can't fault the trip at all, everything surpassed our expectations. 

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