A unique way to hunt the Aurora

One of our most popular and sought after destinations Nellim, in North East Finland, offers its guests a unique way to hunt out the Northern Lights using an Aurora Sleigh.

These sleighs combine the potential for an Aurora viewing with a private and memorable experience.

Pulled by the guide’s snowmobile, the sleighs offer panoramic views through their Perspex windows and roof and are also fully heated, allowing you to enjoy the snow topped vista around you and the pitch black sky above you.

What’s more, with easy access to the expansive frozen Lake Inari, you will have plenty of untouched wilderness to choose from for your Aurora hunt.

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Aurora Zone

Unique to Nellim

The sleigh experiences that Nellim offer take you out onto the vast expanse of frozen Lake Inari, Finland’s third largest lake. The lake is renowned for its Aurora record, ensuring minimal light pollution and a fabulous platform from which to view the night sky.

Here the silence and scale of nature overwhelms you and you can really appreciate wilderness. Even if you are not fortunate in your Aurora viewings, the scenery here will be sure to make the trip an enjoyable one. Your guide will ensure there are plenty of chances for you to stop to appreciate the scenery and take photographs.

The experiences

There are two experiences on offer with the Aurora sleigh.

The first is a safari lasting approximately two hours during which your guide will lead the way to some of the best vantage points on the lake. If you wish, here you can get out and enjoy the frozen scenery and with any luck, a stunning Aurora display. There will also be plenty of time to take photographs and enjoy hot drinks.

The second experience is even more special and has an air of romance about it so is ideal for couples.

The evening begins when you take a comfortable seat in your Aurora sleigh, sitting back to enjoy the views as your guide drives you to one of Nellim’s famed Aurora Camps. Once here, your guide will get an open fire going and cook you and your companion a delicious three course meal which will most likely include some wonderful Finnish specialities. With any luck, a stunning Aurora display will be visible to really make the evening that extra bit special.

After dinner, there will be time to relax and keep watch on the sky before your return to the hotel.