Glamping under the Northern Lights

Complete your Northern Lights holiday with the opportunity to watch the Aurora Borealis dance across the Arctic firmament from the unique vantage point of a spectacular Aurora Dome.

These purpose-built, tent-like structures have been carefully crafted to give you an extra special night of ‘Aurora Glamping’. Fitted with a wood-burning stove, double bed and large perspex wall, this is one of the cosiest ways to search the skies for an Auroral display.

They are located in two destinations, near Lake Torassieppi and at Jeris. At both you can experience an unforgettable night in the most stunning surroundings during any of our holidays to Torassieppi and Jeris as well as our holidays to Harriniva which is situated nearby and we’ll arrange all the transfers for you.

Whether you choose to start or end your Northern Lights holiday with a night in an Aurora Dome, this is an unforgettable addition to your bucket-list holiday.

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Aurora Zone

Discover the Aurora Domes

The domes are situated near the shores of Lake Torassieppi and Lake Jerisjärvi, destinations which fall in the heart of The Aurora Zone, far from any light pollution. The night skies here form the perfect backdrop for any display of the Northern Lights, so where better to place the Aurora Domes.

The insulated domes are effectively large tent or yurt-like structures which have been modified for this remote environment and to provide their inhabitants with the best possible views of nature’s greatest light show. The Aurora Domes are circular in their shape, echoing the traditional design of an igloo but taking things to a whole new level.

In an Aurora Dome, guests can relax in their home comforts and bask in the warmth of their wood burning stove. The cosy double bed looks out across the landscape and sky, courtesy of the clear panels which have been ideally placed for just this purpose. Each of the domes has been created with a focus on either huskies or reindeer in the furnishings and has been decorated accordingly.

Guests have access to the sauna and washroom facilities which are situated around 50 metres away from the lakeside camp. The Domes manage to provide a sense of adventure whilst maintaining a wonderful level of comfort.

Please note: Allocation may be dependant on availability and will be confirmed on arrival.

A night like no other

Imagine heading in from the crisp, Arctic air to enter your Aurora Dome, the lamps giving off a subtle light as you gaze straight out across a glistening frozen lake before your attention is drawn to the vast sky above.

Picture unwinding in this secluded spot, surrounded by home comforts, tucked up warmly in your large double bed watching the Aurora Borealis shimmer in front of you. What a way to spend a night!

This experience can be added to our holidays at JerisHarriniva and Torassieppi as either an upgrade or as an additional night to your holiday. Contact our Travel Experts for a complete quotation and enjoy the Aurora Domes in all of their glory this winter.

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