Exclusive accommodation

Torassieppi Winter Village enjoys an idyllic setting close to the borders of Pallas Ylläs National Park in the north-west corner of Finnish Lapland.

Inspired by world-famous ice and snow accommodations, the village is constructed annually to showcase local talented artists and to provide a memorable and unique night’s sleep for adventurous travellers.

The rooms here will only ever be enjoyed by an exclusive few during the season as come summer the rooms will return to the rivers of Lapland as the temperatures melt them away.

The winter village is part of Torassieppi Reindeer Farm, which is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the region, dating back to 1847. The reindeer farm has its own accommodation and guests at the village will enjoy their breakfast here.

A night’s stay in one of the ice and snow rooms is a fitting way to complete your unforgettable winter adventure.

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Snow and ice sculptures

Construction of Torassieppi Winter Village usually begins in November when the temperatures have dropped low enough for the building to be maintained.

It consists of ten igloo rooms, each featuring a double bed topped with reindeer skins and Arctic grade sleeping bags. The rooms are typically designed along one corridor with the thick snow walls and floor providing the perfect sound insulation.

The walls are artfully decorated with carvings in the snow which showcase wonderful designs and scenes.

There is an ever popular ice bar and restaurant where the tables and benches are carved from ice and meals can be arranged in advance for groups.

Staying warm

The idea of sleeping in negative temperatures may seem unappealing but rest assured, if you follow the instructions, you will be cosy and warm.

The ice beds are all topped with mattresses and reindeer skins which are renowned for maintaining warmth. You will also have an arctic grade sleeping bag in which to sleep during the night.

The best advice we have for a decent night’s sleep is to kit yourself out in your thermals and a woolly hat only. Whilst you might be tempted to wear as much as possible, it’s not necessary as the sleeping bag and reindeer skin will do a good job of keeping you warm.

Top tips we have learnt over the years are to keep your socks and outer clothes tucked into the bottom of your sleeping bag as if you leave them out overnight they will be pretty chilly to put on in the morning! Also, don’t forget that the low temperatures will run down the batteries on your electrical equipment quicker so if you have your phone and camera in with you, tuck them under your blankets to keep them warm.

You are likely to be surprised – despite the low temperatures, the snow walls tend to muffle all exterior noise and the air inside is wonderfully clean and fresh – you will hopefully find that you enjoy a deep and restful sleep!

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