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Customer Reviews

  • The beauty is breathtaking

    A review of Muotka - Tailor Made by Yvonne & Alan
    27 March 2017

    We have just returned from 4 days in the Muotka Lodge. We were not sure whether to book Nellim or Muotka but decided that as we wanted the real Lappish feeling, we had to go to the lodge that was less touristic and quieter. We booked 2 nights in a log cabin and the last night in the Aurora bubble. It first looked like we were not able to see any Aurora lights because of the weather, but we
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    have seen some activity each night. Upon arrival, we were booked on an Aurora camp which takes you in a little car behind a snowmobile into a small open space. There is a tepee there and a little place to keep warm. It was clouded but we did some activity. However, what nobody ever tells you is that most Aurora lights come in white and that you can see the colours by using a camera only*. It was a pleasant surprise and with -5 it was not cold. Muotka provides you with all that you need in the cold: a balaclava, helmet, mittens, socks, shoes and a proper suit. You can keep these during your entire stay. The log cabin was fantastic. Incredibly quiet, warm and a huge window to see the nature around you. There is a little sauna and a place to light a fire, but we didn't need the extra warmth. Wi-Fi is only to be found in the restaurant/reception area, but if you really want to enjoy this Lapland experience you should do without Wi-Fi anyway in my opinion. The Aurora bubble was something that I would only recommend for one night. It is something special, but as the room is much smaller I would not stay there any longer. The bubble is to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lie in your bed and look up at the sky and see the stars and if you're lucky some Polar lights as well. We had snow all day long, but after going to bed I realised that I saw some stars and yes there they were, the lights were there for about 20 mins. The food at the Muotka lodge is simple but oh, so tasty. It is buffet style, but local food and there is always a fish dish and a meat dish with vegetables and some sort of potato dish. On top of that, there are salads, bread and there is a little bar to purchase a beer or some wine. The guides at the lodges are all extremely nice and knowledgeable. The second day we went Aurora hunting with the car and although we were told we didn't need to dress in the thermal clothing we were glad we did as the temp dropped to -22C. Please do not forget to pack the thermal boots! We had forgotten those and after standing outside looking at the lights you will get cold feet. On the third day, we went for a snowmobile trip during the day. We were only with 5 scooters and sitting in the back is rather comfortable. Again the guides were very good and kept us safe. The beauty is breathtaking and we ended up on a hill where I think the feel temp must have hit -40C! Brrr... but again the clothing kept us warm. We had a lovely simple warm lunch where they were keeping reindeer and we went back to the lodge. It was a very impressing experience. On day four we sadly had to leave again, but being in Finnish Lapland we finally had some time to think about things and about life in general. We had a lot of fun in Muotka and would certainly recommend going there. The Aurora Zone people have been very easy to deal with and very helpful. I would only want to say that if you can, spend a bit more money for at least the log cabin as it is certainly worth it. * Hi Yvonne and Alan - we would like to comment that the colour of the Aurora to the naked eye is predominantly green - in fact, white Auroras are very rare and are generally the result of weak geomagnetic activity. We are delighted that you had such a wonderful trip! The Aurora Zone team
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  • A holiday of a lifetime and one to remember forever

    A review of Nellim - Northern Lights over Lake Inari by Joanne and Timothy Cheek
    19 March 2017

    We were lucky enough to see the Aurora on all four nights of our trip. It was not as bright nor as green as you see in long-exposure photos but still amazing. Added to this, the activities are all fabulous and well organised. I loved the thrill of travelling across frozen Lake Inari on husky sleds and snowmobiles. Our days and nights involved many campfires and hot juice drinks - all very welcome
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    when it's so cold. The Nellim Wilderness Hotel/Lodge is very cosy and the rooms are very spacious and comfortable. The food was of an excellent standard and plentiful. A holiday of a lifetime and one to remember forever.
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  • Thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Finland

    A review of Muotka and Nellim - The Great Aurora Adventure by Tera and James Gardner
    18 March 2017

    Thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in Finland. I would struggle to pick a favourite activity as everything was well run and fun, the guides all friendly and professional. Never felt cold, despite the -21 degrees; the kit provided really does its job. A bonus was seeing a good display of the lights on the one night we stayed in a Kota at Muotka, magic. It was good to try the two different places,
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    quite a different feel from the atmospheric forest at Muotka to the vast frozen lake at Nellim.The advice and help given by you all at Aurora Zone was superb and we wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend this holiday.
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  • Excellent

    A review of Alta - Weekend Short Break by Jackie and John Harrop
    17 March 2017

    Excellent. Recommending to everyone. Emphasise need for a camera which has long exposure, and a tripod to get decent pictures. Spectacular conditions for viewing the Aurora during the Snowmobile Northern Lights safari.

  • Outstanding place

    A review of Nellim - Northern Lights over Lake Inari by Dawn and Paul Quigley
    12 March 2017

    Outstanding place. Great hotel, people and activities. Highly recommended.

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