Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

The Traffic Light System

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Thursday, 20 May 2021

The UK Traffic Light System Explained

From the 17th May, the UK government has outlined a new traffic light system for travelling to and from the UK. Please note that the following information pertains to people travelling to/from England; for specific travel advice for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, please click on the country name to be directed to the relevant government website page.

 How is it decided which countries will be on the different coloured lists?

  • Countries in each category will be constantly reviewed by the government who will analyse data in order to make their decision.
  • It has been outlined that they will monitor statistics such as vaccination rates, levels of infections, the prevalence of variants, access to reliable scientific information and each countries genomic sequencing capacity.
  • The list of countries will formally be reviewed every 3 weeks. There will be a 'green watch' list that will identify any countries at risk of changing status so that travellers have as much warning as possible. However, it has also been highlighted that decisions by the government will be made quickly if data shows the countries risk status is rapidly changing. 

What does each colour mean for my holiday plans?


  • For those arriving in England from countries on the green list, you will need to take a test up to 72 hours before returning. This needs to be a PCR test or an antigen test, such as a test from a lateral flow device. You need to show this test result as a printed document or via email or SMS text on your phone. Click here to read more about the type of test required.
  • You must be able to show confirmation that you have booked and paid for a test on day 2 after you return to England (the day you fly home is day 0).
  • Each adult (aged 18+) must complete their own online passenger locator form. Those under the age of 18, who will stay at the same address upon their return to England, must be included on an adult's form.
  • You do not need to quarantine upon your return unless any of your own or your travelling companion’s tests come back positive.


  • Arrivals to England from amber countries must complete the same steps as outlined above.
  • In addition, however, you need to quarantine at home for 10 days upon your return to England.
  • You have to book an additional PCR for day 8 (as well as day 2) after arriving in the UK.
  • It is possible to end isolation/quarantine by paying for an additional test on day 5 (in addition to the 2 already required). If this test comes back negative then you are able to end quarantine on day 5.
  • As with arrival from countries on the green list, all tests must be booked and paid for prior to departure from a list of government-approved test centres.
  • It is important to note that the government are advising against all but essential travel to countries on both the amber and red list.


  • If you are arriving in England from a country on the red list, then a hotel quarantine is mandatory for 10 days. This is at a cost of £1,750 per person.
  • You will need to produce evidence of the hotel quarantine booking before you depart the UK.
  • Travellers will be required to take a pre-departure test before setting off to the UK which will be followed by additional PCR tests on day 2 and 8. There is no option to reduce the time in quarantine if you are arriving from a red country.

Currently, the government advice remains the same for all travellers regardless of their vaccination status.  

Children under the age of 11 are exempt from the testing requirements detailed above. They do have to be included on passenger locator forms.


Travelling to Iceland

Passengers who can provide evidence they are fully vaccinated or confirmation they have recovered from COVID-19

  • You do not need to take any tests prior to your arrival in Iceland but each passenger does need to register on the department for health’s database no more than 72 hours prior to their arrival.
  • You must provide evidence of either both dates of vaccinations or confirmation you tested positive for COVID-19 (both of these must be dated at least 14 days prior to your arrival in Iceland). For more information on the types of documents accepted please click here.
  • Upon arrival at the airport you are required to undergo one COVID-19 test which is free of charge. You must then quarantine at your accommodation until the test results come back. This is normally within 5-6 hours but may be up to 24 hours.
  • Children born in 2005 or after are exempt from the obligation to present a negative PCR certificate upon arrival, but will still be required to take a test on arrival in Iceland.
  • No further tests are required from the Icelandic government however you must complete your PCR test within 72 hours prior to your return to the UK as required by the UK Government.
  • Upon your return to the UK you will not need to quarantine (unless any of your test results come back as positive) but you will need to do an additional PCR test on day 2.

Passengers who are not fully vaccinated or have not previously been confirmed as having COVID-19

  • Passengers arriving to Iceland who are not able to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated or a historic positive test must provide evidence of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival.
  • You must then undertake an additional test (which is free of charge) upon arrival in Iceland and proceed to your accommodation to quarantine there.
  • This will be followed by a further test 5-6 days later and remain in quarantine in your accommodation until this final test. Once the results are returned (within 24 hours) you will be able to leave your accommodation.
  • No further tests are required from the Icelandic government however you must complete your PCR test within 72 hours prior to your return to the UK as required by the UK Government.
  • Upon your return to the UK you will not need to quarantine (unless any of your test results come back as positive) but you will need to do an additional PCR test on day 2.

Resource library

For the latest public health advice on Coronavirus in the UK,

For the latest data and health information on Coronavirus in Iceland,

For information about safe travel with Icelandair during Covid-19, visit

For information about safe travel with easyJet during Covid-19, visit




Updated: 20th May 2021

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Special Occasion Holidays and Celebrations

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Thursday, 13 May 2021

Celebration Days (and Nights)

Can you think of a better way to celebrate a major life event than underneath the Aurora Borealis?


Whether it is a family gathering, a romantic honeymoon or a significant birthday, standing on a frozen lake watching a coal-black Arctic sky ablaze with shimmering light will put the gloss on any memorable occasion.

With a huge variety of specialist accommodation and an increasingly diverse range of Aurora hunting activities, we can ensure that your trip is one to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Excellent honeymoon!! We had the best time, the experiences we had were incredible! Such a beautiful place, with lovely people. The landscape was stunning, and the northern lights were the cherry on top!

Harriniva - Best of the Northern Lights Holiday - Bethan Lewis - January 2020 


Additional Info

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Travel Partners Zone

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Friday, 30 April 2021

At The Aurora Zone, we love working with Travel Partners from all over the world. If you would like to apply to work with us, then please click here to answer some simple questions and one of our team will be in touch very soon.

We are also members of AITO and ABTA and adhere to their code of conduct and guidelines.  Finally, we are also fully ATOL protected.

If you already work with us, then please click here to access our resource library. We have some stock images to use (please take note of any image credits), some videos and also some PDF pages for our most popular holidays.  If there is anything else you think would be useful to assist in your sales please do not hesitate to get in touch by our designated priority agent email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on +44 (0) 1670 330 733. We highly value our travel partners and always prioritise these emails and calls.


If you would like any specialised training, then we would be happy to provide this either via video link or to arrange a visit to your offices.  We would also be thrilled to host any joint events for prospective clients again either in person at your offices or online. Please just get in touch and we will discuss the options in more detail.

Our team are experts on the Northern Lights and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to get a general understanding of the Northern Lights (it really is fascinating!) then please click here to read our introduction to the Northern Lights. We go into more depth about the Aurora Borealis and what causes it on our Science of the Northern Lights page including answering questions like where or when is best to see the Northern Lights.  We also have some information about myths and legends behind the Aurora which many people find fascinating which can be read by clicking here.


You can read more about our unique Northern Lights hunting Formula and why your clients should choose one of our holidays.

We also have a great section on our website about preparing for your holiday which will hold some useful information for clients and also our frequently asked questions which covers everything from how fit you have to be to do an activity through to what kind of plug adaptor you need to take with you.

If your clients have any questions not covered here then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team on 01670 330 733 (option 2) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

View our winter trips for 2021/22

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Thursday, 08 October 2020

Give yourself something to look forward to

Due to entry restrictions currently in place for some countries, we recommend delaying travel to certain destinations and, instead, planning a really special holiday to look forward to during winter 2021/22. 

Additional Info

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Book for 2021/22

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Thursday, 08 October 2020

We are already taking bookings for next season. View our holidays here.

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Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Coronavirus Travel Advice

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Thursday, 10 September 2020

Updated: 18th June 2021

As a small, family-run company we have faced numerous challenges since COVID-19 began to impact on our lives back in early March 2020.

Our primary concern throughout has been to ensure the safety of our guests and to act as quickly as possible to make new arrangements for those impacted, or to provide refunds where necessary. Our team has worked exceptionally hard to ensure that this happened with the minimum of fuss.

Our local partners, most of whom we have worked with for many years, have been outstanding. They have worked with our Operations Team to accommodate and assist our guests as events unfolded during their holidays and also when rearranging bookings to alternative dates. 

Future bookings and holidays

We are constantly monitoring the advice provided by the UK Government and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as the guidance provided by the governments in our destinations.

If you are looking to travel next autumn or winter (September 2021 – April 2022):

We have been absolutely thrilled by the number of guests who, although unable to travel this winter season, have chosen to postpone until next year. Both ourselves and our local partners are very excited to be able to provide them with a wonderful holiday to look forward to.

Given the number of guests who have chosen to postpone, however, does mean that some hotels, especially during peak dates, are almost fully booked. If you want that extra special holiday to look forward to, we recommend getting in touch sooner rather than later. We have some great lower deposit and flexible booking terms which our Travel Experts will be happy to discuss with you.


The UK Traffic Light System

The majority of our clients are based in the UK so we’ve dedicated a page to the new traffic light system - click here to find out more.


Frequently asked questions 

  • I made a booking with you, but I no longer wish to travel, what are my options?

This will depend on when your booking was made and the specific terms relating to your holiday and flight booking if applicable.  The Artisan Travel Company are happy to postpone all transferable and flexible elements of your trip to either an alternative holiday or departure date without charging an administrative fee.

For any non-transferable elements, we will do our best to minimise these costs but unfortunately, these decisions are normally out of our hands.  Naturally, we promise to do our best to negotiate on your behalf.

Another option would be to transfer your booking to another passenger (subject to terms and conditions and introduced by yourselves) and we can normally facilitate this until 10 days prior to departure.   

Finally, depending on the reason you no longer wish to travel, you may be able to claim on your travel insurance.

  • What happens if my trip is cancelled?

If you are booked onto a trip which we must cancel, then we will get in touch with you immediately.  If we are forced to cancel your holiday, then there will be several options available to you:

1 – Consider an alternative destination

As we have such a fantastic network of partners across Scandinavia, we will do everything we can to propose alternative holiday options for you to consider.  If you do decide to go for one of these options we will transfer the money you have already paid us to your new booking and, if it is cheaper, refund you the difference. If it is more expensive you will need to top this amount up to match the new price.

2 – Postpone your holiday

We think it is more important than ever to have something special to look forward to as the world hopefully gets back to “normal”.  If we are forced to cancel your holiday, then we will work with our local partners on your behalf to minimise any increase in costs to your holiday price and if they do increase or we are forced to make any changes to the holiday package which you don’t like – you can cancel and receive a full refund.

3 – Accept a Refund Credit Note to financially protect your money while you choose an alternative adventure

We fully appreciate that when Refund Credit Notes (RCN) were initially launched by ABTA, their purpose was a little ambiguous and they were not particularly well understood amid lockdown.  There was also a frustrating lack of public support from the Civil Aviation Authority to confirm that RCNs were fully financially protected. The CAA finally confirmed that they are in July (you can read more about this here:

Different companies have used RCNs in different ways.

In some cases, we have requested that guests consider accepting a credit note as a method of temporarily ensuring that their money remains fully protected whilst allowing us a chance to reclaim cash we had already paid to airlines and local partners.  We have worked very hard to get the balance right between both our guests' needs and our long term (predominately small, independent) local partners' viabilities.

As this situation has been completely out of everyone’s control, we have asked some guests, where they are able, to be patient and allow these businesses a small amount of leniency to return the money we have paid them in advance. Airlines have been widely reported as being excruciatingly slow to issue refunds and we are still waiting for many payments from as far back as March.

Despite this, we have refunded all guests who initially accepted a credit refund note from holidays affected in March and April. We have also refunded all guests who were unable to travel this summer due to border restrictions. This was despite their RCNs not expiring until January 2021. If you choose to rebook any of our holidays across The Artisan Travel Company group then you would be entitled to a 10% discount from that holiday and 5% off any future holidays you then go on to book with us (not to be used in conjunction with any other offer).

4 – A full refund

If you are not able to accept an RCN under the circumstances outlined above, then we do understand. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your cancellation we may request that you contact your Travel Insurance company in the first instance. Should that claim be unsuccessful then we will refund you in full. We will advise you of the relevant processing times at that stage.

  • My holiday is booked for a destination that still has travel restrictions. When will I know if it going ahead or not?

In keeping with industry guidelines, we are constantly monitoring the status of your holiday. These situations are obviously very dynamic, but we will contact you at the latest, 21 days prior to departure to discuss your options at that stage.  You are more than welcome to check in on the status of your trip prior to this but it will be three weeks before departure that we make a final decision.

  • What happens if the travel advice changes for my destination during my holiday?

This would depend on how the advice changed. If the FCDO followed the pattern they have predominantly used during the summer of 2020 then they have not advised guests currently on holiday to return home. If this was the case, then we would update any guests who are abroad of any developments or changes and allow you to continue your long-anticipated holiday. 

If either the UK or local government does advise guests to return home immediately then we would repatriate all guests as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

  • What happens if there is a quarantine on my return to the UK?

In this instance, if there was no advice against travelling from either the UK or your destination's local government, then we would operate the holiday as originally planned.  As a quarantine upon your return to the UK would be out of both our own and our local partners' control and it does ​not impact on our ability to provide the holiday then standard cancellation terms would apply.  If this situation arose and you would like to change your travel dates to postpone to a different time then we will do everything we can to assist this and minimise any non-recoverable costs.

  • What happens if the flights I have booked are cancelled?

If you have booked your own flights and they are cancelled then, first of all, we suggest contacting the airline to confirm the options available to you – these may be alternative flights, a voucher or full refund (this is likely to depend on the type of ticket you purchased so we recommend reading the small print very carefully).

Once you are aware of all of your options give our Customer Service Team a call +44 (0)1670 785 049 and we will do what we can to try and assist you sourcing alternative flights if appropriate, rearranging your travel dates or doing our best to negotiate a suitable alternative with our local partners. Again, we will not charge any administrative fee in this instance.

  • If I am put in local lockdown within the UK how would this affect my holiday?

The local lockdowns which were put in place in England and Scotland towards the end of 2020 did not prevent people from going on holiday as planned. The advice was different in Wales where lockdown specifically did prevent people from going on holiday.  If this does happen in the future and you are prohibited from going on holiday due to local restrictions then your first call should be to your travel insurer so please ensure you have a policy which covers such an eventuality.

If you are unable to reclaim your money through a travel insurance policy then we will work with the local suppliers to try to refund as much of your money as possible. However, as nothing is preventing us from running the holiday for other guests and the local suppliers are able to provide it in full we will be unable to refund any irrecoverable costs such as non-refundable flight tickets or any portion of the money the suppliers are unable to return to us.  In some scenarios, our local partners, or airlines may offer vouchers to postpone your travel dates instead of a cash refund but this will vary with each booking. The only way to ensure a full refund if you are prevented from travelling due to a local lockdown would be through your travel insurance.  

  • I’m travelling from another country outside of the UK – what happens if I’m not able to travel?

The Artisan Travel Company is based in the UK and we take all of our guidance from the Foreign​, Commonwealth and Development Office ​(FCDO) and other UK government bodies. Depending on whether you have booked a flight inclusive or land-only package your contract with us either starts at your UK departure airport (if we have booked your flights) or, if you have booked a land only package, the agreed meeting point in the destination country (usually an airport).   

If there are no national UK border restrictions preventing us from operating the holiday (i.e. unless the ​FCDO advise against all but essential travel to Finland, Sweden, Iceland or Norway) OR the destination government prevent all arrivals from the UK then we will continue to run the holiday as planned. For anyone who is prevented from joining the trip as planned due to medical reasons or government advice changing from a country other than the UK or the destination of your holiday, then this cancellation by you would be dealt with as per our booking terms and conditions. And such, any loss would need to be reclaimed from your travel insurance policy so please check the wording carefully and ensure you are satisfied with the level of cover.  

  • What type of travel insurance should I look for?

Travel insurance has always been a pre-requisite for travelling with us and investing in a comprehensive travel insurance policy should be the first thing you do after booking your holiday. 

COVID-19 has really highlighted the importance of a comprehensive travel insurance policy. ABTA has some useful questions and answers to scenarios which should be covered by your travel insurance. These include any problems before you go such as local lockdowns or if you or anyone you are due to travel with is diagnosed with COVID shortly before departure.  You'll find them here:

If you, or any member of your party, are diagnosed with COVID whilst you are on holiday then you need to be satisfied that your insurance policy will cover any medical costs incurred including testing, self-isolation and treatment. We would also suggest choosing a policy which would allow you to claim for any elements of the holiday you were not able to take part in.

We are in the process of researching several different travel insurance policies and hope to be able to have options to present to our guests soon. Until then please be thorough in your research to ensure you are protected against any potential issues.

Health and Safety on holiday

  • What steps are your local partners taking to keep me safe on holiday?

We have been so impressed with our local partners’ pro-active approaches to guest safety in the destinations. Many of the small companies based in Lapland have begun working together to share best practices. They have been led by the Head of Epidemiology at Rovaniemi Hospital who is providing specific advice for those providing specialised winter activities including clothing and equipment hire etc.

We also have a range of publications and detailed information from each local partner and airline. Please just ask our Customer Service Team if you would like more specific information regarding your destination.

  • I am a solo traveller; will I have to share a room?

For each of our holidays, there is a single supplement for those wishing to have their own room. On some of our holidays which include a night in wilderness accommodation (i.e. an overnight husky safari) then the whole group will share dormitory-style accommodation.  Single rooms are not possible on this type of holiday, but they are available in all other accommodations. Our team of travel experts will be able to discuss this with you at the time of booking.

  • What happens if myself or a member of my party display COVID symptoms during my holiday?

If you become unwell during your holiday then it is vital that you alert a member of staff in the destination (either a local representative or the accommodation's reception team) as quickly as possible and ideally by phone. You must remain in your hotel room. The local team will then ensure you receive medical attention as soon as possible.

If you are showing COVID-19 symptoms, then a test will be arranged and you will be asked to quarantine until the results are reported.  During that time the local team will do everything they can to keep you comfortable and arrange that meals and other necessities are brought to your room. Please note that we can not cover any additional costs you might incur and they should be reclaimed from your travel insurer.

Further advice for UK travellers

Though we endeavour to inform our customers of any significant changes, this is a fast-moving situation and therefore we also ask for our travellers to keep up-to-date with the relevant travel advice.

Here are some useful links:

UK health authorities:

FCDO travel advice:

The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) TravelHealthPro website:

The NHS website:


Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, call 01670 785 785.

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Norway webinar

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Monday, 24 August 2020

Norway and the Northern Lights webinar registration

Date: September 10th, 2020 at 7:30 pm (GMT)

The world of travel is slowly opening up and Norway is looking forward to welcoming our guests when the time is right; we are delighted to be hosting this Norway and Tromsø webinar in eager anticipation of that moment. Whether you are looking to book a break this winter or to reserve a place for 2021, this webinar will provide an insight into what is on offer so you can book your perfect trip.

With our panel of experts from the travel and tourism industry in Tromsø, we will cover what you can expect when you arrive in Norway, how they are dealing with Covid-19 and the measures they have in place to ensure the safety of our guests. The Artisan Travel Company is a fully bonded, licensed tour operator and with the opportunity to ask our expert team any additional questions during a Q&A session, you will be able to book your trip with confidence and peace of mind.

Focussing on The Aurora Zone, a part of The Artisan Travel Company, this webinar will explore four fantastic trips that highlight the beauty of ‘The Capital of the Arctic’, Tromsø and the fantastic activities that take place in the surrounding wilderness.

On our 3-night Tromsø, Northern Lights City Break, for example, you will spend time in Tromsø’s cultural centre and also head out of the city into the heart of the Aurora Zone, for two dedicated Aurora hunts. With the option to personalise your trip by adding additional activities, such as dog sledding or snowmobiling, this short break combines the best of city life along with some natural wonders.

Our guest speakers include a hotel manager and two local activity providers. Along with our own Northern Lights guide and photographer, who will also share his expertise in how to hunt for the Northern Lights and how to catch them on film. He will also talk about the science behind this natural phenomenon.

With 10% off all bookings, using a code that will be provided during the webinar, guests can start planning their Norway break, safe in the knowledge that every aspect of their trip is taken care of.

The itinerary

19:30 - Start

19:30 - 19:35 - Introduction to The Artisan Travel Company: Ali McLean, Director and founder of The Artisan Travel Company

19:35 - 19:45 - Highlights of Tromsø: Mats Fredriksen, Lost in Norway

19:45 - 19:50 - Guest speaker: Ida Romsøe, Hotel Manager, The Clarion Hotel The Edge

19:50 - 19:55 - Guest speaker: Øystein Prytz, Head of Digital Marketing, Tromsø Villmarksenter

19:55 - 20:00 - Guest speaker: Alice Heijbel, Key Account Manager, Pukka Travel

20:00 - 20:15 - An introduction to the Northern Lights: Matt Robinson, The Aurora Zone and Northern Lights guide and photographer

20:15 - 20:30 - Q&A session

20:30 - Finish

The team

Alistair McLean - Director and founder of The Artisan Travel Company

As part of The Artisan Travel Company, Ali created The Aurora Zone, the original and only dedicated Northern Lights tour operator. Ali is extremely proud of the tours we offer in Tromsø and that so many of our clients have witnessed the Aurora during their trips there with us. 

Mats Fredriksen - CEO, Lost in Norway

Your host for the evening, Mats, is our local supplier in Norway. Having worked with Mats for many years, he is very well-placed to talk about the region, working with The Aurora Zone and the experiences we offer in Norway.

Matt Robinson - The Aurora Zone and Northern Lights guide, photographer and astronomer

Currently living in Senja, Norway, Matt has travelled extensively with The Artisan Travel Company and is always happy to share his knowledge and science behind the Northern Lights with our guests. Matt is also a keen astronomer and photographer and will share some of his fantastic images with us during the webinar.

Welcoming our guest speakers

Ida Romsøe - Hotel Manager, Clarion Hotel The Edge

Situated right in the centre of Tromsø, just by the water, from where you can enjoy great views of the city's stunning architecture, the Clarion Hotel The Edge was built with an environmental classification A and aspires to be as eco-friendly as possible. A passionate hotel manager, Ida is responsible for all hotel operations, leisure FIT and groups. She has worked in Nordic Choice Hotels since she was 16 years old and been at Clarion Hotel The Edge for almost 2 years. Ida will provide an insight into the measures the hotel is taking during Covid-19 and how they are making guests feel safe and comfortable.

Øystein Prytz - Head of Digital Marketing, Tromsø Villmarkssenter

Tromsø Villmarkssenter enjoys an idyllic wilderness location around 20km from the city centre on the island of Kvaløya. Established over 30 years ago they are one of the most experienced and passionate dog sledding companies we have the pleasure of working with. Originally set up by Tove Sørensen the day to day running of the centre has now passed to her son and his wonderful team.  Given the wonderful location of the Villmarkssenter It has an awesome record of Northern Lights viewing and we have had many happy clients enjoy displays here during their holidays.  Over several years Øystein has worked in almost all parts of this family-run company and there is nothing he doesn’t know about their fantastic products and strong family heritage.

Alice Heijbel - Key Account Manager, Pukka Travel

Our guest speaker from Pukka Travel, Alice, will talk us through the many activity options available to our clients on the trips we offer, from a Polar Fjord cruise or Northern Lights sailing to hunting the Northern Lights by minibus.

The time

Thursday, 10 September 2020 at 7:30 pm BST

This event will take place on Zoom and is free to access: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE and receive the joining details.

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Sue was on a skiing holiday in France when she received a text from her brother, Ali, founder of Activities Abroad, asking if she would like to come into the office – ‘just for a few hours’ - to ‘help out’. 12 years later, she is still there, ‘helping out’ as a full-time Marketing Administrator!

Additional Info

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Full Financial Protection

Written by Ashleigh McNair-Templeton
Thursday, 26 September 2019

Ashleigh McNair-Templeton

Ashleigh was raised in a small town in Cumbria and from an early age developed a passion for travel. After relocating to the North East in 2008 she studied Travel and Tourism Management at Northumbria University for 4 years. During her time studying, she enjoyed learning about what motivates people to travel to new places and what gives people the desire to create travel bucket lists.

Additional Info

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Get an expert opinion

The Aurora Zone was born from a desire to share Mother Nature’s greatest wonder with our clients. We’ve explored the destinations, researched the science, and fallen in love with the Scandinavian way of life. It’s our mission to pass this knowledge on to you, providing you with the very best chance of experiencing the magic for yourself on your Northern Lights holiday.

  • Specialist

    Aurora knowledge and experience

    Unique holidays, in the very best destinations

    Expert guides – exceptional local knowledge

    Advice and guidance every step of the way

  • Comprehensive

    We include more in our holidays than any other Aurora operator

    Price Comparison guarantee

    No ‘from’ prices, everything you see is included in the price

    No hidden extras

  • Independent

    Proudly Independent

    The original and still the only dedicated UK Northern Lights tour operator

    Personal, hands-on service

    Fair and sustainable work ethos

  • Trusted

    100% ATOL and ABTA protection

    Providing peace of mind


    Responsible relationships

    Over 16 years’ experience