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This grand 8-night Aurora tour of Swedish Lapland starts with incredible winter activities on the edge of a frozen archipelago, prior to a night at the exceptional Arctic Bath. A scenic train ride then takes you to the Aurora playground of Abisko for Northern Lights hunts and more activities before an unbelievable finale at the world-famous ICEHOTEL®!

The word 'ultimate' appears in the title of this aurora adventure for good reason. This itinerary ticks so many bucket list boxes that it is hard to list them all here!

Starting at a lodge which looks out over the ice-bound archipelago around Lulea, you will head out on Northern Lights hunts as well as enjoy the delights of ice fishing and snowmobiling. You will stay in a winter cottage for your first three nights here and your fourth will be spent in a river cabin at the Arctic Bath, a unique floating hotel and spa on the river Lule.

A stunning train ride then takes you north to the Aurora Mecca of Abisko. Three nights at the famous STF Turiststation here will allow you to hunt the Northern Lights and enjoy the stunning landscape. This portion of the holiday will allow you to experience some of the Arctic highlights in a totally different environment, including by dog sled. You will also enjoy an unforgettable Aurora photography evening, a favourite with all of our guests. Your holiday ends at the world-famous ICEHOTEL® with an unforgettable night's stay. 

Throughout this entire holiday, you will be in prime Aurora territory and many of your evenings will be dedicated to Northern Lights hunts with your expert guides.

This is an exceptional holiday which highlights the best experiences and aurora adventures available in Swedish Lapland, all whilst providing outstanding Aurora viewing potential.


Upon arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by a driver who will transfer you to Brändön Lodge, your home for the next three nights.

You’ll have some time to settle into your winter cottage before dinner in the main restaurant. We waste no time getting you out and about, though, so you will be straight out on your inaugural Northern Lights hunt.

Your guide will use all of their experience and knowledge as they lead you on an Aurora hunt using a snowmobile-pulled sleigh. Your destination will be chosen based on the weather and solar conditions and you will spend your first hours in the wilderness of Lapland awaiting a potential display of the Northern Lights. 

This is an excellent way to start the holiday and, for many guests, it can feel a tad surreal. You will have started today at home and will end it out in the wilderness and peace of Lapland. This is a great way to kick start your holiday in style. The activity will last for approximately 2 hours.

Please note that the order of activities within your itinerary is subject to change and this agenda should be used as a guide only. The exact order of your agenda will be confirmed upon arrival at each hotel.

Included Meals:  Dinner

[LLA] Kallax Airport, Sweden To Brändön Lodge
Airport Transfer
Brändön Lodge - Check In
Address : Lulea, Norrbotten County, Sweden

Today, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of the landscape during an ice fishing trip. This is a gentle way to spend some time absorbing your new surroundings and your guide will help you drill through the ice and drop your line into the waters below. Even if you do not land a catch, this is a delightful way to spend time in The Great Outdoors. 

This afternoon has been left free for you to enjoy at your leisure. We find that some guests love to simply relax or enjoy a stroll. If you would rather be out and about, we can arrange a husky safari for you. Trying your hand at dog sledding is an unforgettable experience. Details can be found in the Personalise Tour Section of the holiday page.

Dinner will be served back at the lodge tonight. As you head back to your cottage, ensure that you keep an eye on the sky above, you never know when the Northern Lights may start to dance above you.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Brändön Lodge - Stay
Address : Lulea, Norrbotten County, Sweden

Today you will explore the forests surrounding the Luleå Archipelago on snowmobiles; an exhilarating experience.

After a full safety briefing, you will follow your guide and traverse the snow-laden landscape, making some stops en route to enjoy the incredible scenery and a hot drink. Snowmobiles give you the chance to journey further afield and gain a sense of the scale of the landscape which other means of transport cannot provide. Travelling in pairs you will each get the chance to drive and travel as the passenger so you can experience all that this activity has to offer (all drivers need a full driving licence and must be over 18). You will be out for approximately 2 hours today.

Your second Northern Lights hunt utilises snowshoes in order to give you access to remoter areas of the forest. Snowshoes allow you to walk on the deepest snow with greater ease and your guide will lead you to a prime Aurora viewpoint deep in the wilds. You will stop for dinner around a campfire which will be prepared expertly by your guide. You will sit on reindeer skins and soak up the very special atmosphere, hopefully, the Aurora will provide some post-dinner entertainment. You will be out for approximately 3 hours tonight.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Brändön Lodge - Stay
Address : Lulea, Norrbotten County, Sweden

The Arctic Bath is a unique and stunning hotel and spa. It is famous for its distinctive circular design and eco-friendly approach. The hotel features a central open-air cold-water pool, surrounded by several floating cabins, in one of which you will spend the night – taking in the serene and tranquil atmosphere.

You will have the opportunity to relax in the open-air cold-water pool, which is kept at a refreshing temperature, even during the frigid winter months. The contrast between the warm steam rising from the pool and the cold Arctic air creates a unique sensation that invigorates the body and soul.

Inside the floating cabins, you can unwind in your cosy and well-appointed living space. The cabins feature natural materials that blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Large windows allow you to gaze out over the river and the snow-covered landscape.

At the Arctic Bath, wellness is a central focus and you can indulge your senses in the spa as entry and toiletries are included. If you would like to include any specific spa treatments, including massages, saunas, and cold baths – these are not included and we do recommend booking these in advance. The spa menu often incorporates local ingredients and traditions, providing a truly authentic and rejuvenating experience.

As night falls, the hotel’s restaurant offers a gourmet dining experience, showcasing Nordic cuisine with a modern twist. You will savour a delicious meal made from locally sourced ingredients while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

After dinner, a visit to the outdoor relaxation area, complete with a cozy fireplace and comfortable seating, is a perfect way to finish the evening and hopefully the Aurora will appear to cap it all off.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Brändön Lodge To Arctic Bath
Brändön Lodge - Stay
Address : Lulea, Norrbotten County, Sweden
Arctic Bath - Stay
Address : Harads, Boden, Sweden

This morning you will awake and enjoy the enjoy the views over the river Lule. After breakfast, it is time to head to the train station for your train journey north to Abisko.

After your transfer, you will board the comfortable train for the 400km trip through Swedish Lapland. It takes around six and a half hours to reach your destination but the stunning fell and forest scenery will certainly keep you entertained as you head towards your next adventure. Lunch is not included today but you can pick up a light lunch and snacks near to the station or onboard the train.

Upon arrival at Abisko, it’s just a short walk to your hotel, across the road from the train station. You will check into your rooms before a welcome dinner in the restaurant.

There will be some time for you to relax and catch your breath this afternoon after a packed few days. 

There is no specific Aurora activity tonight, however, the beauty of Abisko is that if the conditions are conducive to a display you won’t have to venture far to catch a great view of the Northern Lights. If you would like to include an additional Aurora hunt then we can arrange for you to search for the Northern Lights in a snowmobile-pulled sleigh, or journey up the mountain behind the lodge via cable car to visit the Abisko Sky Station. Please see the Personalise Tour section for details of the available options.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Dinner
Arctic Bath To Boden Train Station, Sweden
Boden Train Station, Sweden To Abisko Train Station, Sweden
Abisko STF Turiststation - Stay
Address : Abisko, Sweden
Arctic Bath - Stay
Address : Harads, Boden, Sweden

Dog sledding is so popular with clients that we felt we had to include an outing with the huskies.

Today’s trip takes place in the stunning terrain that surrounds Abisko. Your expert musher will take charge of the sled and show you how it’s done, as you sit back and enjoy the ride. The benefit of travelling in the sled is that it gives you the chance to enjoy the surroundings and capture the experience on camera if you wish to do so. The safari will last for around 2.5 hours, including preparation time and stops.

This evening you shall be led on an unforgettable Aurora hunt in the capable hands of a talented Aurora photographer. We know how many people delight in the idea of capturing a display of the Northern Lights on camera and tonight will give you the best possible chance. You will be provided with excellent camera equipment, all set to photograph the Northern Lights, so all you have to do is provide an SD memory card on which to store the pictures.

Your guide will spend almost every night of the Aurora season out hunting the Northern Lights with their camera and so you really could not be in more expert hands. You will be out for approximately 2.5 hours tonight, including transfers.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Abisko STF Turiststation - Stay
Address : Abisko, Sweden

Today is yours to spend however you wish to do so. You may want to try your hand at ice fishing one more time or enjoy another thrilling snowmobile tour (see Personalise Tour section for more information).

This evening you will have a guide and vehicle at your disposal to help you track the Lights, as well as access to a variety of stunning locations from where to watch the skies.

During this adventure, your guide will talk about the auroras, the history of Abisko National Park and serve you a warm drink. They will use their experience and plus the mobility of the vehicle to go to where the aurora activity is the highest, and where there weather gives the best chance of success. Many of the locations are on lakes and rivers which allow you to see the auroras in the sky AND reflected in the polished ice during the Winter.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Abisko STF Turiststation - Stay
Address : Abisko, Sweden

After breakfast, you will head south to the world-famous ICEHOTEL®.

Lunch will be served in the warm restaurant before you are shown around the suites and communal areas in this stunning snow and ice construction. Make sure you have a good camera at the ready to capture the ice sculptures, the ICEBAR®, the wedding chapel and the real highlight, the amazing and intricately carved Art Suites.

This holiday includes a night in an Ice Room and we can arrange room upgrades if you wish to spend your last night in Sweden in one of the suites, please speak to one of our Travel Experts for further details of the options available and a revised quote. . You will sign off your final evening in Sweden in style with a three-course dinner.  Please note that your room will be available to check in from approximately 6 pm onwards.

If you would prefer to spend your last day and night at Abisko STF Turiststation instead this can be arranged for you.

Included Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Abisko STF Turiststation To The ICEHOTEL®
Abisko STF Turiststation - Stay
Address : Abisko, Sweden
The ICEHOTEL® - Stay
Address : Jukkasjarvi, Norrbotten County, Sweden

Following this epic Swedish adventure, it’s time to transfer to the airport and catch your return flights home.

Included Meals:  Breakfast

The ICEHOTEL® To [KRN] Kiruna Airport, Sweden
Airport Transfer
The ICEHOTEL® - Check Out
Address : Jukkasjarvi, Norrbotten County, Sweden

What's included?

  • Return airport transfers, all destination transfers and train travel between Luleå and Abisko are included
  • 3 nights winter cottage accommodation Brändön Lodge, 1-night in river cabin at Arctic Bath, 3 nights twin room at Abisko STF Turiststation, 1-night ICEHOTEL® in an ice room.
  • 8 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 8 dinners
  • Northern Lights hunt by snowmobile-pulled sled
  • Ice fishing experience
  • Snowmobile forest tour
  • Northern Lights snowshoe hike
  • Husky safari
  • Abisko Aurora chase
  • Aurora photography evening
  • Cold weather clothing for the duration of your stay at Brändön Lodge and for activities only at Abisko STF Turiststation and the ICEHOTEL®
  • Services of our expert local guides


Brändön Lodge

Brändön Lodge is located on the edge of the sea that freezes around the Luleå Archipelago each year. It is a remarkable sight to see such a vast frozen mass of water each morning as you step out of your cosy cottage for a day of activities.

Hotel facilities

  • Your meals are all served in the restaurant in the main building. You will enjoy a variety of local dishes and more international cuisine in the evening menus (which are typically two courses and served as a hearty buffet). Breakfasts are typically Scandinavian in style and provide you with the fuel that you need for a day of adventure
  • The restaurant is situated on the upper floor of the main hotel building and offers panoramic views over the frozen bay while you tuck into your delicious meal
  • The lodge also has a fully stocked bar and pretty impressive wine cellar for any enthusiasts staying
  • A short walk from the restaurant building, there is also a sauna and hot tub for guests to enjoy. Indulging in a sauna, after an exhilarating day in the great outdoors is just the perfect way to unwind and the hot tub is the cherry on the cake! This is bookable locally and charges apply
Arctic Bath

Situated in Northern Sweden, near the small village of Harads sits the innovative Arctic Bath Hotel.

Designed to look like floating timber down the river, as a nod to traditional transportation methods, the hotel floats on the Lule River during summer and freezes in place throughout the winter to offer a completely unique experience. What’s more, its northerly position also puts you in the heart of the Aurora Zone for a memorable base in which to search for the Northern Lights.

Hotel Facilities:

  • The Arctic Bath has a strong focus on wellbeing and this is best experienced in the main building with three different saunas, spa treatment room, hot bath, outdoor and indoor showers and two dressing rooms. What’s more, in keeping with Nordic tradition, there is also a cold-water bath to take an icy plunge into.
  • The hotel has been expertly designed to leave a minimal environmental footprint which can be seen with the use of locally sourced materials. The onsite restaurant also prides itself on its use of local, pure and sustainable ingredients.
  • Unwind in the bar and lounge area or book a specialist treatment for the ultimate relaxation experience.
Abisko STF Turiststation

Residing 100km from Kiruna, the historic and friendly Abisko STF Turiststation can be found in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland, offering mountain views and a warm welcome. The hotel has welcomed guests from around the world for over 100 years, acting as the gateway to the Abisko National Park, which is famed for its hiking trails in the summer and ski trails in the winter. The beautiful natural scenery of Northern Sweden is just a short walk away.

Hotel facilities

  • The hotel consists of one large, main building and several smaller outer buildings and cabins. In the main building, you will find the main hotel rooms, sauna, reception lounge, restaurant and the bar area
  • The chefs here take great pride in the food, making great use of local and seasonal produce and traditional Swedish recipes. Breakfast is served buffet style, whilst lunch and dinner are set menus and also á la carte (lunch can also be provided to take with you on your daytime excursions)
  • The lounge area in the lodge offers comfortable seating and a TV; perfect for relaxing in the evening. The bar area is located nearby, serving a range of beers, wines and spirits
  • The hotel’s shop also has a range of food, freshly baked bread, fruit, toiletries and souvenirs.

The ICEHOTEL® at Jukkasjärvi has the impressive claim of being the world’s first ice hotel and was developed from a concept beginning in 1989. A local entrepreneur by the name of Yngve Bergqvist who ran a thriving tourism business in the summer decided to attract tourists in the winter by offering ice carving workshops and creating a small ice igloo as a gallery to showcase these designs.

This igloo grew in scale each year until one night a group of guests, equipped with reindeer skins and sleeping bags asked to spend the night, creating the concept of the ice hotel in the process!

Although Ice and snow hotels can be found across Lapland, the ICEHOTEL® remains the original.

What’s more, 2018 saw the ICEHOTEL® become the first-ever Nordic Swan Ecolabel hotel made completely of ice and snow.

The certification process looks at all areas, from energy and water consumption to waste management; understandably, this presented many challenges when measuring a hotel whose rooms melt away at the end of each winter season!

The eco-label adds to a growing list of certifications for the ICEHOTEL® who is also certified a Sustainable Arctic Destination. Certification ensures guests are choosing environmentally conscious products and the ICEHOTEL® are – rightly so – very proud to receive such recognition.


The hotel now boasts ICEHOTEL 365, a permanent structure, allowing it to be a year-round destination to visitors who travel the world to sleep in a room of ice and snow. Containing deluxe rooms, art suites, an ice bar and a sculpture hall, this environmentally sustainable building is a construct of glass, metal and concrete, but with the same incredible standard and visual design of snow and ice on the inside, with cooling tubes to keep it at a temperature of around -5 at all times.

Alongside this is the classic ICEHOTEL® building, constructed purely of ice and snow and carefully crafted each December, utilising blocks from the nearby Torne River.

Home to ice rooms, winter suites and a chapel the structure is a marvel to see and, come summer, simply melts back into the river from which it came. Each year, architects, designers and artists submit designs for the hotel’s features and a handful are chosen to go forward with their theme.

The hotel consists of several buildings including the main ice building and ICEHOTEL 365. We cannot guarantee which area our guests will stay in.

The rooms which are contained within the ice and snow building will not be available until after the 14th of December. Check-in time for the cold rooms is usually around 6 pm and for the warm rooms, it is approximately 3 pm. The ICEHOTEL® is open to members of the public for viewing between 10 am and 6 pm. You will check out after breakfast.

Hotel facilities

  • The reception is in the main warm building which also houses the lounge area, warm bar, dressing room, luggage room, restaurant and gift shop which sells a selection of ICEHOTEL® themed gifts and locally sourced handicrafts
  • Guests who are on a guided tour of the ICEHOTEL® will also visit the large warehouse where you can learn about how the hotel is constructed each season
  • The restaurant serves breakfast lunch and dinner which include some wonderful Swedish favourites. The restaurant operates fixed dinner seating times and we highly recommend that you make a reservation in advance with us
  • As an alternative, guests can eat at the Homestead Restaurant which is a smaller, rustic restaurant a short walk from the hotel
  • The classic ICEHOTEL® building is connected to a warm building which houses the toilets, showers and sauna. There are also lockers in here in which to store your valuables and clothes overnight
  • The warm building also has a small number of bunk beds in case you decide your ice room is not for you

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