Next autumn, you have to go north

In many destinations, autumn can often pass by in a blur, somewhere between a desperate cling to summer and dreading the incoming dark and cold nights of winter. In the Arctic, however, it is a season worth celebrating. Autumn here is a landscape bathed in colour, the natural world transforming before your eyes and quite frankly, one of the best places in the world to really experience the spectacular season of change.

Autumn in the Arctic is nature like you’ve never seen it before. It is more than the trees shaking off their summer coats – it is a landscape full of life, gracefully preparing for the oncoming winter. The summer bloom turns into deep and vibrant autumnal shades and just above the breathtaking landscape, you’ll find the Auroras making their sensational return to the skies.

So, take a deep breath of some of the cleanest air in the world, listen to only the sounds of nature and come with us to explore the colourful ground of Arctic Europe in autumn…

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Experiencing Arctic Autumn

To reach Arctic Europe you have to travel into the true north to what can often feel like the top of the world.

Whether you’re standing on the high ground of the Finnish fells or you’re sailing through the Norwegian fjords surrounded by towering carved cliffs, these destinations put you in some of the last remaining wilderness regions of Europe.

With such pristine environments also comes next to no light pollution which makes ideal conditions for Northern Lights viewing. What’s more, the autumnal equinox has also been scientifically proven to produce some fantastic displays and as the big freeze is yet to set in, often Aurora displays come with the added bonus of seeing them reflected in the still bodies of water below!

Where to travel to

In Finland, you could travel to the Lake Inari region for an ideal reflective surface for the Northern Lights. In Pyhä, you’ll be on the border of the expansive Pyhä-Luosto National Park or you could travel to Saariselkä, where you’ll spend every night in an Aurora Cabin, searching the skies from the comfort of your bed.

In Norway, you can experience the vibrancy of Tromsø, the ‘Capital of the Arctic’ before travelling to the Lyngen Alps for an exceptional glamping experience in a Crystal Lavvo.

Whichever location you choose, we have also crafted your itinerary to make the most of the daylight hours in these stunning landscapes. From guided nature walks to RIB boat safaris, you’ll experience everything that Arctic autumn has to offer.

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