Spend a night in the treetops

The spectacular Treehotel is a must-see location for visitors to Swedish Lapland and in our opinion, it is one of the most unforgettable places to stay in Europe.

The concept rooms here have all been created by some of Sweden’s top architects and represent the bringing to life of some remarkable ideas. From a carefully camouflaged mirror cube to an out of this world UFO – these rooms are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Each room is effectively a sophisticated tree house, either suspended in the treetops or built on platforms that set the room amongst the bows of the trees.

The scenery which surrounds these rooms is idyllic and, as they are situated within the Aurora Zone, your chances of witnessing the Northern Lights from your treetop retreat are excellent if the conditions are favourable.

The Treehotel is the perfect way to make your stay in Swedish Lapland even more unforgettable and can be added to the majority of our trips based in the Lulea region.

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The rooms

The seven rooms at the Treehotel are all the unique creation of some of Scandinavia’s leading architects and each offers a high standard of accommodation in addition to cutting-edge design.

Each room has been crafted directly in the treetops and can be accessed only by ladder, ramp or bridge.

‘The 7th Room’ is the largest and tallest treehouse which was opened in January 2017 and offers guests a traditional Scandinavian log cabin experience 10 metres up in the trees. The most spectacular asset to this room is the outside space, where a strong net provides terrace space for you to climb out on.

‘The Bird’s Nest’ is a remarkable sight to see and in reflection of its name resembles a huge nest, clad in a vast amount of branches. Entry is gained via a retractable rope ladder so once inside you really feel like you are hidden from the world.

‘The Cabin’ is a modern capsule in the trees, offering spacious windows that allow you to see across the valley from the comfort of your bed. The Cabin is reached via a bridge walkway and also has its own wooden terrace amongst the trees.

‘The Mirror Cube’ is camouflaged amongst the trees due to its reflective glass exterior which perfectly reflects the surroundings, allowing you to easily hide away. This room is a stunning sight to see.

‘The UFO’ is an alien spaceship suspended amongst the trees but the fun and quirky design is sure to appeal to your inner child. Accessed via a retractable ladder (complete with smoke effect) this is a very surreal place to stay.

Despite its name, ‘The Blue Cone’ is actually bright red in appearance and is based on simplicity, but also accessibility so is set lower amongst the trees. It, therefore, offers a very light room and a sense of stability.

The final room, ‘The Dragon Fly’, is effectively a suite of rooms so is suited to small groups. This room offers wonderful panoramic views of the scenery and the carefully crafted design will mean that as time goes by it blends in with its surroundings.

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The environment

Part of the appeal of the Treehotel is that as well as enjoying the best of Swedish design you also get to enjoy the magnificent surroundings of the Lule River Valley. At day this means stunning scenic forest and river displays, at night, the potential for the Northern Lights to be sighted.

In keeping with these spectacular surroundings, Treehotel has been constructed with sustainability and environmentalism in mind. All rooms, feature sustainably sourced wooden floors, energy efficient eco-toilets and locally crafted fittings where possible. Hydroelectricity also powers all the rooms and no trees were cut down during construction.

Here at The Aurora Zone, we have a strong belief in Responsible Tourism and feel that Treehotel is very much in keeping with these values. What’s more, we have worked alongside Visit Sweden and SAS to champion a CO2-reducing direct flight from London Stansted to Luleå to further this sustainable approach to tourism. 

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