Levi Resort

From the innovative creators of the Northern Lights Village in Saariselkä, comes the fantastic Levi Resort.

Located 16km from Levi centre and featuring 40 Aurora Cabins, the village has been designed to give you a truly memorable stay during your winter holiday to Finnish Lapland and the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

These glass-roofed cabins will give you clear views of the night sky right from the comfort of your bed. What better way to search for the Northern Lights than while you’re wrapped up warm in your duvet looking up at the sky in an Aurora Cabin?

Levi sits in the far north of Finland, high above the Arctic Circle putting it well within the Aurora Zone. This means that it has great Northern Lights viewing potential and with their glass roofs, these Aurora Cabins certainly make the most of it.

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Aurora Zone

Levi’s seasons

Levi has a strong relationship with nature. So much so, it is said that there are in fact eight seasons here instead of four. This is a deeply rooted Lappish and Sámi tradition that involves noticing the subtle changes throughout the year.

It is not simply a case of autumn turning to winter, or winter to spring. Instead, the people here observe the magical periods in between.

From the stunning autumnal colours to the first snowfall, the polar nights to the ‘real winter’, Levi’s eight seasons are smooth transitions each with their own charm.

Though there are plenty of amenities, the compact town centre means that the surrounding wilderness is a constant presence, so you see the effects of the changing seasons.

Levi fell

The Finnish fells are one of the country’s most impressive physical features and the Levi fell is no exception.

Here, they make great use of it as it is home to the largest ski resort in Lapland. In fact, it has won best ski resort of the year numerous times making it perfect for those looking to enjoy some skiing during their Northern Lights holiday.

The Levi fell is also home to the Sámiland exhibition where you can learn all about the fascinating culture of Europe’s only remaining indigenous people.

As well as this, The Snow Village is just a half-hour drive from Levi, so a visit can be easily included. As the largest snow structure of its kind in Europe and built with a new theme in mind every year, it’s a real homage to the natural materials that fall here every year and is a stunning place to visit.

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Image credits: Northern Lights Village

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