What do I need to take with me?

When you book with us we will send you a detailed packing list of the clothing we recommend as well as information on the clothing provided.

To see the Northern Lights you will need to travel to some fairly remote areas at high latitude which means that you will need to be equipped for the conditions you will find there.

During the winter months the clothing you wear is of great importance and, so in the vast majority of destinations, you are provided with winter clothing for the duration of your stay. This will include the outer layers which are generally warm thermal overalls as well as boots designed for the minus temperatures. In some destinations you may not be provided with the winter clothing for the whole holiday but it will be provided for the duration of the activities. This principally occurs during holidays where guests spend some of their time in a city such as Tromso, where you would not wish to walk around in such bulky clothing.

In Iceland the clothing is not typically required but any specialist equipment will be provided for the activities.

You can see whether the clothing is included in the ‘What’s included’ section of the holiday page. Further information will be provided at the time of booking

There are however some items which, irrelevant of your holiday, you need to make sure that you pack. The information below is a good starting point but full details will be given.

Passport and visas – please see the passport and visa section of the trip preparation section.

Final Travel Document and Flight Voucher (if applicable) – this outlines all of the basics of the holiday arrangements and has essential contact information. The order of all itineraries is subject to change, however, and you will be provided with your final itinerary on arrival at your destination

Travel insurance – this is a pre-requisite to travelling with us. Please see our section on Travel Insurance for further details

Full driving licence – if your itinerary includes a snowmobile safari and you wish to drive (guests typically travel two people per snowmobile) then you must take your driving licence with you. You either need to take your old paper licence or the photocard part of the new licence. This also applies if you wish to hire a car.

Money or credit card – Most major credit cards are accepted in our destinations. However, we would recommend you avoid spending on American Express, pre paid currency cards or Diners Club as these are less widely accepted. Cash points are not generally available to you in our destinations. It is generally worth advising your bank that you are travelling overseas to ensure that you do not have issues using your card abroad.

Glasses/Contact Lenses if required – you need to be able to see the Aurora clearly if you are lucky enough to catch a display.

First aid kit and medication – You should always carry a first aid kit with you when you travel and ensure that any medication you require is carried in your hand luggage. You will need to ensure that you have the relevant accompanying documentation for any medication and that it complies with all of the rules and regulations regarding items that you are allowed to carry on board an aircraft.

Toiletries – although some accommodation may provide the basics this is not the norm and so you should take all that you need with you.

Chargers for cameras and phones etc as well as adapters – you will want to ensure that you can charge your electronics and to do this you may need a plug adaptor.