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Key facts

  • Duration:8 nights
  • Pace:Active
  • Suitable for: Ages 15+. See our terms for further information
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  • Flights: return flights from London to Luleå (via Stockholm) outbound and inbound from Kiruna to London (via Stockholm) Regional and non-UK departures available on request. Routeings are subject to change
  • Transfers: return airport transfers, all destination transfers and train travel between Luleå and Abisko are included
  • Accommodation: 3 nights winter cottage accommodation Brändön Lodge, 1-night Treehotel, 3 nights twin or double room at Abisko Mountain Lodge, 1-night ICEHOTEL® in an ice room. You can choose to upgrade your room at the ICEHOTEL® or spend your final night at Abisko (supplements/deductions apply)
  • Meals: 8 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners
  • The following activities and equipment are included: Northern Lights hunt by snowmobile-pulled sled, ice fishing experience, snowmobile forest tour, two Northern Lights snowshoe hikes, husky safari and Aurora photography evening (the order of activities is subject to change)
  • Cold weather clothing for the duration of your stay at Brändön Lodge, Abisko Mountain Lodge and the ICEHOTEL®
  • Services of our expert local guides

The word 'ultimate' appears in the title of this holiday for good reason. This itinerary ticks so many bucket list boxes that it is hard to list them all here!

Starting at a lodge which looks out over the ice-bound archipelago around Lulea, you will head out on Northern Lights hunts as well as enjoy the delights of dog sledding and snowmobiling. You will stay in a winter cottage for your first three nights here and your fourth will be spent in a treetop room at the truly remarkable Treehotel, one of the most renowned architectural wonders in Sweden.

A stunning train ride then takes you north to the Aurora Mecca of Abisko. Three nights at the famous Mountain Lodge here will allow you to hunt the Northern Lights and enjoy the stunning landscape as you take part in our Abisko - Auroras and the ICEHOTEL® holiday. This portion of the holiday will allow you to experience some of the Arctic highlights in a totally different environment. You will also enjoy an unforgettable Aurora photography evening, a favourite with all of our guests. Your holiday ends at the world famous ICEHOTEL® with an unforgettable night's stay. 

Throughout this entire holiday, you will be in prime Aurora territory and many of your evenings will be dedicated to Northern Lights hunts with your expert guides.

This is an exceptional holiday which highlights the best experiences and adventures available in Swedish Lapland, all whilst providing outstanding Aurora viewing potential.

Image credit: ICEHOTEL, Rob Harding, Timsam Harding, Asaf Kliger, Peter Grant & Magnus Skoglöf &, Chad Blakley, Graeme Richardson, Pier Rynback
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Included in price

Our pick

  • Abisko - Aurora sleigh ride

    From £108pp

    An excellent addition for those who want to really maximise their time at Abisko and spend another evening enjoying an Aurora excursion.

    Travelling in a snowmobile-pulled sleigh, your guide will lead you on a hunt for the Northern Lights during a safari lasting around two and a half hours.

    Read more

    This is a relaxing activity, as all you have to do is sit back and keep a close watch on the sky for any potential sight of the Aurora. Your guide will select a spot, deep in the mountains, where the light-free skies are ready to provide the perfect backdrop to any potential display of the Northern Lights.

    Warm drinks will be enjoyed as you all await the Aurora.

Other options

  • Aurora Sky Station

    From: £110pp

    The Aurora Sky Station is a wonderful Northern Lights viewing base located on Mount Nuolja, 900 metres above sea level in Abisko. To reach the summit you will travel via chairlift and, on a clear night, you can enjoy spectacular views across the mountainous landscape.

    Read more about this activity

    At the station, guests can enjoy a lookout tower with panoramic windows, in addition to a Northern Lights exhibition, a café and a souvenir shop.

    Abisko, as an Aurora Zone location, is renowned for its frequently clear night skies, as the prevailing winds and surrounding mountains help to break up cloud cover. This should hopefully ensure that should conditions be right, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the sky, given the minimal light pollution at the station.

    Guests should be aware however that the chair lift to get to the station is not covered (you will be provided with warm overalls) so should the weather be unfavourable then the lift will not operate. On these occasions, you will remain in the Aurora Lounge at ground level and enjoy a Northern Lights film and talk.

    The popularity of the Sky Station means that we would strongly advise you to book your visit in advance to ensure availability. Please note however that once your date is booked it cannot be cancelled or rearranged should the Aurora and weather conditions be poor.

    Image credit: Katie Lane
  • Brändön husky safari

    From: £192pp

    You will head out for a two-hour safari (approximate duration), which will take you through snow-covered forests and across frozen lakes, offering stunning views all around. At the kennels, you will meet with the expert mushers and after a safety briefing, you will be assigned your team of enthusiastic dogs.

    Read more about this activity

    Travelling two people per team, you will then head out onto the trails. Back at the kennels, there will be plenty of time to make a fuss of the dogs and take photographs.

    Drive your own husky team upgrade: £78pp

  • Abisko - snowmobile safari

    From: £137pp

    One of the many highlights of Abisko is that it is surrounded by spectacular and untouched wilderness and one of the best ways to explore is to set off by snowmobile. These thrilling machines let you cover a great deal of ground more quickly.

    Read more about this activity

    Before departure, you will be given full instructions and a safety briefing on how to handle the snowmobiles before setting of two people per snowmobile across frozen lakes and along wide mountain trails.

    You will need a full driving licence and to drive a snowmobile and should be over 18. You can swap between driver and passenger during the trip.

    Image credit: Lindsay Correa (client)
  • Abisko - ice fishing

    From: £74pp

    Ice fishing is a much loved Scandinavian pastime in this region and has developed from a food-gathering necessity into a very enjoyable sport.

    On this excursion, you will be led to the nearby Lake Torneträsk which can be topped with frozen ice up to a metre thick. Your guide will assist you in drilling through the ice with a traditional hand drill and then all you need do is drop down a line and wait.

    Read more about this activity

    Patience is the key here, but a highlight of the activity is being out in the open wilderness and enjoying the serene beauty of your surroundings as you wait for a fish to bite.

  • Icebreaker

    From: £285pp

    The frozen sea is a sight to behold. A vast, thick sheet of shimmering white, stretching out far into the distance, it is hard to believe that the ocean lies below. The ship then cuts through the ice with apparent ease and suddenly the water is revealed. Shards of Ice surround the boat and you would be forgiven for wondering whether you are on an expedition to Antarctica. The title of the ship ‘Arctic explorer’ conjures up images of historic voyages and when you get out onto the open ocean it is difficult not to feel a sense of adventure. 

    Read more about this activity

    You will take a 35-minute transfer to Luleå from your accommodation at Brändön Lodge or Pinebay Lodge, before picking up a second transfer from Luleå to Piteå, which takes approximately 50 minutes. Following an introduction and safety briefing by the ship’s captain, the journey will begin in Pitsundskanalen, which is where the mouth of the river Piteälven meets the open sea. A mere 100 yards ahead of this point, the ocean opens out and there is a seemingly endless display of ice, which is easily broken by the ‘Arctic Explorer’. The ship leaves a trail of ocean behind and this makes it possible to bathe in the freezing water.

    You will be given survival suits which will provide protection from the cold and also prevents you from getting wet. Following this, you will have the opportunity to float on the water. It is an invigorating experience, and when you are lowered into the ocean you may have feelings of trepidation, but this soon replaced by delight. You can also experience walking upon the thick Ice of the frozen sea, which is a surreal experience, particularly if you imagine the contrast of a summer’s day, where the water is flowing freely.

    The cruise will last for approximately 2 hours. A hot drink and survival suits are included.

  • ICEHOTEL® - upgrades

    From: £70pp

    With an overnight experience in the ICEHOTEL® being a bucket list item for a lot of guests we have given our visitors the option to spend the night here on the last night of their stay. The standard upgrade is to one of the wonderful ice rooms but if you really want to splash out there are two styles of suites for you to upgrade to.

    The first is a Deluxe Suite which resides in the ICEHOTEL 365 building, a permanent structure with an ice interior.

    Read more about this activity

    These offer a wonderfully luxurious stay with an ice bed topped with extra thick mattress and reindeer skins alongside a private warm ensuite shower room and toilet with sauna.

    The second option is one of the hotel's famed Art Suites in their classic ice building - the height of sophistication in ice design. Each season, artists, designers, architects and engineers from around the world submit designs for these suites, with only a handful winning a commission to make their dream a reality. In the past these designs have been strikingly bold and beautiful, showcasing incredible talent with themes such as forest fairies, polar bears, dragons, origami and time.

    Please bear in mind that the popularity of the ICEHOTEL® in combination with the small number of available upgrades means that we would strongly advise you to book in advance should you opt for one of these suites as availability can be limited.

    Please note: The ICEHOTEL® opens gradually in several phases. The first phase is completed mid-December and each week a new section will open. More suites and rooms will be available each week until mid-January when the construction of ICEHOTEL® is completed in full.

    Image credit: Paulina Holmgren & THE ICEHOTEL®

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If there is anything that you are unsure of during a safety briefing or that you would like to clarify with the guides please make this clear to them immediately before starting the activity.

Our guides' word on activities is always final and your safety is their principal concern at all times, please respect their decisions. By following their instructions, your safety and enjoyment during each activity will be greatly enhanced.

See our booking conditions for further information.

Booking activities locally

In almost all of our destinations you can book and pay for additional activities locally. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss that occurs through any activities that are booked in your destination (see our terms and conditions for further details).

Please always ensure that your safety is your primary concern when arranging any such activity.

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The minimum age for participation in our itinerary is 15 years old, however, for some activities and shared transfers, our guests may be joined by others and these may include those of a younger age. Any younger participants will be fully supervised by an adult and the guides will ensure that they are only able to participate if there will be no effect on the activity experience. None of the hotels we feature have a minimum age and so there may be families staying at them with younger children, especially during the holiday periods.

To drive a snowmobile you must have a full driving licence and be over 18 years old.


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