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A bucket list experience is so much than just putting a tick in a box for one of life’s must-do’s.

If hunting the elusive Northern Lights (and being subjected to the X Factor every year) have taught me anything it is that the journey itself is equally as important as reaching the destination.

Travelling to the Arctic not only takes you into Aurora territory, but it takes you into vast tracts of pristine wilderness where stunning views become almost commonplace.

In the Arctic there is nothing bleak about the winter environment. Wildlife abounds, and you will certainly develop respect for your surroundings and individuals who have made it their home over the centuries and even in modern times have an admirable relationship with the nature around them.

For me, even without the promise of the Northern Lights dancing above my head, there are countless reasons to head north in the winter.

If I had not visited northern Norway at the start of this year, on my second attempt to see the Northern Lights, I would have missed…

Tasting this amazing dish of King Crab and Cod.


I would not have fluked upon an amazing picture of a sea eagle taken with an iPhone during a RIB safari to Trollfjord. Trollfjord itself is a hugely impressive spectacle with steep sided cliffs rising straight out the calm waters.


I would not have made firm friends with Feykir the Icelandic pony – there is no way my wife’s ill-tempered horse would have posed for a selfie! Though undeniably small, there’s was no doubting Feykir’s strength and character. As we galloped (well trotted actually, but it sure felt fast) on a snow covered beach past the remains of Viking settlements.


I would not have witnessed this stunning sunset whilst showshoeing outside of Svolvaer – this was taken during the supposed “dark time” in Norway, when I have never seen so many colours in the sky for sunrise and sunset.


All the locations that we offer on the Aurora Zone are there for a reason, their enviable reputations as Northern Lights destinations. Yet there is so much more to them than that.

If there was one piece of advice I could give to every Aurora Hunter it would be this… don’t overthink your trip.

With the internet at your bidding, it is easy to try and plan the best place to be and the exact minute to be there. But in truth, such meticulous planning is not helpful, The Aurora Zone plan every detail of every trip to ensure you have the maximum opportunities to see the Northern Lights, but the Sun and the weather conditions will always remain beyond anyone’s control.

The Sun is 330,000 times larger than the earth and the scale of the energy it gives out to cause the Aurora is so vast it makes a mockery of our attempts to stand in the perfect place when it does so. Or to put it another way, as one of my guides said “… go where you want, the Sun doesn’t care…”

So I would recommend you choose your Aurora Zone destination based on your choice of accommodation and itinerary. You cannot guarantee the Lights, but you can guarantee yourself a good time without them.

Other than that, be proactive and be patient. It is worth the wait… 



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