Abisko has been scientifically designated as one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights. It is situated smack in the middle of the Auroral Zone and due to its topography there are very rarely cloudy skies. Basically, Abisko is surrounded by a bowl of mountains which, along with very favourable prevailing winds, break up much, or all, of any encroaching cloud cover making it an Aurora Hunter’s Paradise. By a happy quirk of fate, Abisko is also only 100km from the magnificent ICEHOTEL® (see opposite) so we’ve added a night there for good measure. As a destination we don’t think many places can beat Abisko’s package. Luckily for us we have some great friends Dick and Mina Johansson, fantastic people, who run one of the best mountain lodges anywhere in Scandinavia. Dick is one of Europe’s best known mountain guides and he and his excellent team will ensure that you are always in the safest possible hands. The range of activities on offer provides something for everyone and we have designed two itineraries to ensure that our clients receive the best experiences but with a choice of activity level. Level 1 is designed as a gentle tour where guests do not miss out on anything but the pace is more sedate and relaxed. Level 2 caters for those who want longer activities and some added adrenaline so we have included activities such as ice climbing. Dick Johansson is one of the most well known mountain guides in Europe let alone Sweden so you are in the safest hands and their guides are excellent. We are extremely excited to be able to offer our clients a new itinerary based at Abisko which hopes to take full advantage of its Northern Lights record.