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Win with Anthropologie and The Aurora Zone!

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Tuesday, 05 November 2019

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We’re thrilled to announce our competition with Anthropologie to bring you two unbelievable Christmas gifts - a Northern Lights holiday for two, plus a £500 Anthropologie voucher!

One lucky winner and a plus one will win a trip of a lifetime to Inari, Finnish Lapland for four nights taking part in Arctic and Northern Lights adventures. This prize includes: 

- Return flights, transfers, Aurora alert, and cold weather clothing

- Four nights full-board accommodation at the beautiful Wilderness Hotel Inari in a standard room

- Seven guided bucket list excursions, including a husky sledding safari, snowmobiling, and three dedicated Northern Lights hunts

- £500 voucher to spend at Anthropologie!

Click here to enter.

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The competition opens on 7th November 2019 and the closing date for all entries is 23:59pm GMT on Thursday 19th December 2019. View the competition terms and conditions here.

Photography by Inari Saariselka Tourism and Wilderness Hotel Inari.

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Top 10 tips for Sauna beginners

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Thursday, 31 October 2019

kansikuva 2

There is nothing more Finnish than a sauna and because of this, all of us here at The Aurora Zone are particularly excited by the brand-new Arctic Elements Lakeside Spa at Jeris in Finnish Lapland! Pronounced ‘Sow-na’, the word literally means ‘a small building for bathing’, and is the only Finnish word to have made it into the everyday English lexicon. Some Finns believe the sauna is such an integral part of their culture that in order to understand Finland and its people, you simply have to experience it.

Joanna Robertson

Muotka Credit Matt Robinson 3

Here at The Aurora Zone it is fair to say that we love Christmas! In fact, as the snow has started to fall in Finnish Lapland over the past few days, many of us in the office have begun our countdowns in preparation of the big day.

However, despite being a great time to celebrate with friends and family, it always seems to be over far too quickly, leaving many of us trying to fight off the dreaded post-Christmas blues as we amble back into work after enjoying food, drink and plenty of festivities!

Kirsty Wood

Betwixmas Northern Lights Holidays

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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

What is Betwixmas?

When the excitement of Christmas has come to an end and you are waiting for the buzz of New Year’s Eve, there is often little to do during those strange in-between days

Rather than pick on leftover food or rush around the busy shops, make the most of your time between Christmas and New Year (or ‘Betwixmas’ as we like to call it) and travel to the Aurora Zone for an unforgettable Northern Lights holiday.

All of our holidays take place within the Aurora Zone, to give you the best chance of ticking the Northern Lights off your bucket list. However, through our extensive travels to these fantastic locations, we know that they offer so much more. That's why we craft itineraries that feature a range of unforgettable Arctic activities to ensure your Betwixmas holiday is unforgettable.

What's more, we offer different paces to suit all tastes. From a relaxing winter wilderness retreat to a tailor-made approach where you're completely in charge of creating your dream holiday!

Scroll to learn more about our Betwixmas breaks.

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    Betwixmas Auroras

    Following the frantic period of present shopping, food preparation and family get-togethers, it is almost inevitable to feel a bit of comedown after December 25th. Beat the post-Christmas blues and let the festivities continue as you go in search of the Auroras. 

    All of our holiday locations place you firmly in the Aurora Zone - an area where the Northern Lights are most frequently visible. Though your location means that often you only need to step outside of your accommodation to see a display, we include dedicated activities in our itineraries to increase your chances of ticking this phenomenon off your bucket list. 

    In Muotka, a Northern Lights hunt via minibus will help you outrun any localised cloud cover and will take you to some of the best vantage points in this breathtaking fellside location. In Nangu, the pace will slow right down when you strap on a pair of snowshoes and go on a gentle hike out into the wilderness and further into the Arctic night. 

    You could travel to Nellim, a wonderfully wild location complete with several Aurora Camps which are strategically placed to give you the best possible chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Likewise in Inari, their hunts will often take you to the shores of the huge frozen Lake Inari, an ideal platform to view the Auroras. 

    Alternatively, you could travel to Saariselkä, where you will have the brilliant opportunity to sleep in Aurora Cabin for the duration of your stay. This allows your search for the Northern Lights to continue long into the night as you scan the skies from the comfort of your double bed, thanks to the heated glass roof above!

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    Day time experiences of a lifetime

    Our Betwixmas breaks are not just for the Aurora enthusiasts either. During the day, we offer a variety of must-do winter experiences to complete your stay in the Arctic. 

    Whether you want to speed through the wilds on a snowmobile, explore the frozen landscape via dog sled or slow the pace down with snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, our range of activities have been tried and tested to ensure there is something for everyone. 

    What’s more, we work closely alongside our local partners in all of our destinations to provide you with an authentic insight into your chosen location. Our partners love to show off their home, and their expert local knowledge is unparalleled which helps give you the advantage - particularly when Aurora hunting.

    Our Betwixmas holidays have been expertly crafted to ensure your days following Christmas don’t go to waste. We have carefully selected the travel dates to whisk you away before the post-Christmas blues set in and after a holiday filled with unbelievable experiences, you will arrive home just in time to ring in the New Year. 

    View all of our Betwixmas holidays here.


    Image credits: Anthony Oberlin, Markku Inkila

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Joanna Robertson

Stephen Watkins 3 Saariselka AuroraZoneMoments

Here at The Aurora Zone, we absolutely love seeing our clients’ images from their Northern Lights adventures with us. Whether they are searching for the Aurora on the back of a snowmobile, trying their hand at mushing on a dog sledding safari or simply taking in the stunning Arctic scenery, we couldn’t be happier than when we see our clients ticking off some incredible experiences from their bucket lists!

Joanna Robertson

#AuroraZoneMoments Explained

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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Markku Inkila

If you’re travelling with us this Northern Lights season, we want to make sure you know all about our #AuroraZoneMoments competition so you don’t miss out on the chance to win a £50 John Lewis voucher! 

Laura Gay

Arctic Elements Sauna World

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Located next to the Pallas-Ylläs National Park on the shores of Lake Jerisjärvi in Finnish Lapland, Arctic Elements Sauna World is the latest innovation from our good friends the Pietikäinen family.

With the first phase opened in January 2020, Arctic Elements Sauna World offers guests the chance to experience five different types of sauna alongside wellness showers, relaxation areas and even the opportunity to take a dip in an ice hole swimming area.

As well as being the only one of its kind in Finland and Northern Europe, Arctic Elements Sauna World is also environmentally friendly.

The electricity used throughout the building is generated by either wind, water or solar energy and a local underground spring provides the water in all the showers and taps. Waste warm water is in turn collected and used alongside water from the lake to heat the premises. 

Taking inspiration from the elements and mythology and situated in an unbelievable landscape overlooking Lake Jerisjärvi, it won't take long to truly unwind in exceptional Finnish style.

Scroll to learn more about the five fantastic saunas available.

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    Straight from Finnish mythology

    Based around the four elements, earth, water, air and fire, the saunas at Arctic Elements Sauna World are named after ancient gods from Finnish mythology and designed to give a sauna experience like no other.

    For Finns, the sauna is a place of relaxation, meditation and mental and physical cleanliness and, at Arctic Elements Sauna World, it is where those four natural elements combine to create the fifth element – löyly, or sauna steam, the spirit of the sauna.

    Here are the four natural elements recreated in the sauna;

    The Earth sauna, or sauna of Tapio (the god of the forest and protector of the animals) is electrically heated and the largest of the saunas. Inside the sauna is split into four sections each representing the four directions, North, South, East and West, with each section of the steam room set to a different temperature.

    The Fire sauna or sauna of Ukko (the king of all gods and master of lightning, fire, and air) is a smoke sauna and the most traditional sauna in Arctic Elements Sauna World, with the heating process causing the whole sauna to be coloured black, creating a dark and atmospheric experience.

    The Water sauna, or sauna of Vellamo (the goddess of water, lakes and rivers) features a panoramic window overlooking Lake Jerisjärvi to create a peaceful atmosphere as well as having a more mild, humid temperature encouraging guests to stay and relax for longer.

    The Air sauna or sauna of Ilmatar (the goddess of wind and air) is a unique sauna featuring infrared heaters built inside a traditional Lappish Kota or tepee to create a soft and gentle heat. The Air sauna is half sauna and half relaxing room, with the bright lights and sounds of nature giving guests the felling of the Lappish summer even in the depths of winter.

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    A sauna with a view

    As well as the four elemental saunas, Arctic Elements Sauna World also includes a fifth sauna dedicated to helping guests catch a glimpse of the elusive Aurora Borealis.

    The Private Northern Lights sauna or sauna of Repo (the mystical Fire Fox of Lappish mythology responsible for creating the Aurora) is a two-storey sauna with some incredible features. The ground floor houses a steam room with 180-degree views over Lake Jerisjärvi, whilst the upstairs floor includes a relaxation room built completely of glass. Designed in the style of a traditional Lappish Kota or tepee the upstairs room provides guests with a stunning 360-degree panorama view of the night sky, perfect for catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

    The sauna also includes private toilets, showers and changing rooms, making it the perfect spot for some private relaxation.

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Joanna Robertson

Northern Lights in autumn generic Credit Markus Kiili and Visit Finland

Lapland’s winter wonderland reputation is so ingrained in our minds that it can be easy to forget that this location goes through all four wonderful seasons!
One in particular that excites us here at the Aurora Zone is autumn. That’s because this time of year marks the spectacular return of the Northern Lights – but that’s not all this season has to offer.

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Under Maintenance

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Thank you for visiting The Aurora Zone.

Our website is just undergoing maintenance - please check back in 60 minutes, or feel free to call the office.

The Aurora Zone team.

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