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A Guide to the Provided Winter Clothing for your Northern Lights Holiday


With so many trips in colder climates, we get lots of questions about what clothing is provided in our winter destinations. During a recent trip to Inari, Finland our Product Manager Amy decided to take some pictures of the clothing we provide to help explain. As the clothing is often not what many people will have worn before, we explain why each item is an important piece of kit for heading out into winter weather.

Our packing list provides suggestions on warm clothing to bring with you and how we recommend you dress for each type of activity. However, our winter trips in our most Northern destinations will see you issued with extra layers of cold weather clothing, similar to the below. Read on to find out about what you will be given and why. 

One Piece Thermal Overall


This is a thick all-in-one suit with lots of insulation which will keep you toasty warm. These normally have zips up the sides of each leg to make getting in and out of it easier (especially while wearing winter boots) as well as zips down the front.  They should have plenty of pockets and will be provided in a larger size to allow for extra layers underneath and trapping warm air inside to keep you cosy.

Winter boots


Winter boots will also be given in a half size larger to allow for an extra pair of socks with room for warm air to circulate. These are usually worn all the time when in Scandinavia, even outside of activities, as they are fully waterproof with a good grip for walking on any icy patches.



Our local partners will always issue mittens rather than gloves as your fingers tend to stay warmer when grouped together than separated. As with the other items listed, these will be quite spacious and depending on the temperature, it may be a good idea to wear some thin gloves underneath, in case you need to use your hands to take photographs, for example. You will soon find out what works well for you and what is comfortable in the first day or so.

We also HIGHLY recommend using hand and feet warmers too. They are very effective and last longer if you activate them whilst still indoors, around 15 minutes before you head out for activities. Cold hands and feet can quickly become uncomfortable when outdoors, and no one has ever complained about getting too hot during an activity! Most of the hotels sell disposable hand and foot warmers but they are much more expensive than at home, so we recommend stocking up before you travel.

Balaclava and Helmet


These will be issued for any activity which involves a snowmobile, no matter whether you are driving (with a full license) or travelling as a passenger and/or riding in a sleigh pulled behind the guide.  Our local partners will have a range of helmet sizes available and the balaclavas are washed after every use. Balaclavas are quite thin so we would suggest a buff or neck warmer over the top for added protection from the windchill. You do not need to wear a hat under your helmet but we do suggest taking it with you to wear when stopping for a break during the safari, as you may get cold when removing your helmet!


We cannot recommend highly enough that you use the cold weather clothing equipment provided. If you have ski clothing or other winter equipment that you wish to bring with you, you are more than welcome but this should not be worn during the activities.

Our guides are responsible for your safety at all times and part of this is keeping you warm during activities. Based on experience, they are confident that these clothes can withstand the most extreme temperatures. If you do feel cold at any stage of the activity, please tell your guide so they can help you; they are wonderful and experienced guides – but not mind readers!

Please also note that brands, designs and quality of equipment may differ between the hotel or activity providers. The information we have provided is to be used as a general guideline on what to expect.  Hotels may even have additional items you can borrow such as woolly socks, hats and even woollen jumpers, but these are not issued as standard and are provided normally as a backup when a person’s own equipment is deemed as insufficient by the guide.

If you have any additional questions about what winter clothing is included on your Northern Lights holiday with The Aurora Zone, get in touch with our team! You can also click here to view our winter packing list. 

Image credits: Matt Robinson

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