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Meet Dan - our Nellim representative!

Amy Hope

Monday, 13 February 2017

Our representative Dan has been busy looking after our Aurora Zone guests staying in Nellim this winter. We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about his time there:

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'My role at Nellim is to ensure our guests have the best experiences possible! From organising the pre-arrival details, the day-to-day chatting with guests, to waving goodbye at the end of the holiday, it's my job to help things run smoothly.

I'm sure you'd think the best part of my job here was doing the amazing activities with our guests, or the phenomenal Northern Light shows on a near nightly basis, or the incredible vastness of unpolluted silky black sky at night dotted with more stars than I could've believed possible. Or maybe you'd think it'd be the full-board accommodation and the fact I haven't had to touch my wallet since I got here! But no, the best part of this job is the fantastic people I'm here with. The staff are as professional and hard working as they are welcoming and friendly. From the moment you walk through the door, you feel like you're being invited back into an old friend’s house. It's also brilliant to see the gleam in our guests’ eyes, hear stories from their days, and watch their level of excitement simply grow each day like they're incredulous that today could've possibly been better than yesterday - but it was! 

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When the Aurora comes out to play I still haven't grown bored of watching them! 'Small' Aurora storms are an eerie shade of faint green that could almost be mistaken for an oddly coloured cloud. When they're really active the green light ‘slow-dances’ across the sky, the electric light like water raining down from its leading edge which is often coloured a deeper shade of blue or purple, and at its tail it perfectly fades away back to black. Science tells us that the colours come from atomic particles colliding with either oxygen or nitrogen. Or if you'd prefer a more romantic explanation you could think, just for a moment, that it's the Sámi legend of the firefox dancing through the sky! 

If you're thinking of coming here, try to get a camera with adjustable exposure and aperture to make the best of any Kodak moments. Make sure you’ve had some practise with it before you come too!

I'd also advise bringing your appetite as the chefs here really know how to cook! There's always a soup or broth on offer as a starter at lunch or dinner, along with fresh salad, coleslaws, and pickled vegetables. Roasted vegetables each evening help to warm you through, and there’s always at least two choices of 'main event' - chicken, pork, beef, salmon or reindeer! Fresh house-baked sponge cakes, fruit salads or flavoured mousse round up the meal times. We are truly spoiled for choice and quantity at meal times here!

My ideal day in Finnish Lapland? An early morning jog up and down the snow-covered road, followed by a hearty breakfast then husky sledding over frozen Lake Inari. An early dinner would proceed snowmobiling through the forests to an Aurora camp where, next to a blazing log fire, I'd be watching the Northern lights with a warm drink and good company! 

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If you want to hunt the Northern Lights at experience Finnish Lapland at its best- you HAVE to visit here, you'd LOVE it!'

Discover our Northern Lights tours at Nellim here: 

Nellim - Northern Lights over Lake Inari

Nellim - Aurora in the Wild

Nellim - Aurora Quest

 Photography credits: Dan Flemming 

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