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Sarah's first winter in Luosto, Finland

Jono Archer

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Our Aurora Zone representative Sarah has just experienced her first winter in Luosto. We met up with Sarah to find out all about her time in Finland and about her Northern Lights experiences.

Tell us about your Northern Lights experiences.
I’ve never experienced anything quite as extraordinary as the Northern Lights. There is sometimes a sense beforehand that they’ve been talked up so much that in reality they are never quite going to be able to live up to expectations. I was one of those who held this slightly cynical view but I really couldn't have been more wrong. In whatever capacity the Northern Lights are out it’s a magical experience. Whether it’s as a tiny green smudge in the sky only dimly seen over the street lights, to the 4am Aurora wakeup call that had me sprinting outside in a duvet and slippers to the sight of a red and green light corona taking up the whole sky.


How do you keep warm when searching for the Northern Lights?
If there’s one rule I've learned to always follow it is to always go one size up. Whether that be with your overalls or boots the more air you have inside your clothes the warmer you will be. Even if it means walking around looking like the Michelin Man. On the flip side there’s also one other very important lesson that everyone needs to know, cotton is bad! If used as a base layer it is guaranteed to make you very cold and as a result probably very miserable. It’s a myth that just because its only one layer it’s not going to make any difference. As soon as cotton gets damp, as it inevitably will, it will start drawing all the heat out of your body. Invest in a good pair of thermals and some woolly socks and you’ll never have to worry about being cold again.

Which month is your favourite and why?
So I’m in Lapland the home of Santa Clause and thus of Christmas and in all honesty I haven't had a more Christmassy, Christmas in my life. But it wasn't December that really did it for me in fact it was March. Twelve hours glorious sunshine and clear blue skies can’t help but put a smile on your face. March is also still a great time to see the Northern Lights. Everything's just that couple of degrees warmer (although I'm still being called insane for venturing out in a t-shirt) and I’d never realised quite how quiet it was until I was woken up at the crack of dawn by bird song.

Is there anywhere unique to stay in Luosto?
In Luosto there are a few different options when it comes to accommodation. The real treat comes from the log cabins and Arctic View rooms. The log cabins provide a truly authentic Finnish experience. The wilderness log cabins with the wood burning fires provide an idyllic way to relax after an active day of snowmobiling. Also the Arctic View rooms give you a truly unique way to experience the wonder of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own bed. It has been a favourite with our clients over the season.

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What’s your favourite client memory of the season?
This role had allowed me to interact with such a wide-ranging mix of people in such an amazing location it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite memory. However it is safe to say that my first winter in Luosto, Finland has been wonderful!

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