We’re talking “last outposts” here. In Lapland, Kilpisjärvi is often mentioned in hushed or slightly awed tones. There is certain mysticism about this far-flung corner of Finnish Lapland with its vast lake, the three country border point and Saana Fell which looms over Kilpisjärvi village, a constant and almost menacing presence. Kilpisjärvi’s magical status is even greater enhanced by its remarkable Northern Lights record. The wonder here is that the weather can change in a moment. Even on the cloudiest of days when you think you may never see the stars again, you can find yourself beneath a perfectly clear Arctic sky marvelling at the Aurora Borealis just a few hours later. Our activity programme here in Kilpisjärvi is designed to show you this wild part of Lapland at its absolute best. A thrilling snowmobile safari to the point where Finland, Sweden and Norway meet is a great way to appreciate the sheer scale of the Arctic landscapes whilst ice fishing and cross-country skiing introduce you to pursuits that have been popular here in Lapland for centuries. In the evenings, we’ve organised three very different Aurora experiences: an informative workshop with your guide, a snowshoe hike and dedicated hunt in a car or minibus which will most likely take you across the border into Norway. If conditions are right and the Northern Lights appear then we want you to witness them at their remarkable and astonishing peak. On arrival in Finland, you’ll even follow the designated Northern Lights Route from Muonio to Kilpisjärvi…..eyes peeled from the outset folks! After four nights in Kilpisjärvi, we take you south to the relative metropolis of Muonio where the population density in municipality rises to a claustrophobic one person per square kilometre (there’s three reindeer to every person!).